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How to Produce an Engaging Card?

Before we begin, did you know that utilizing an elegant and high-quality business card can grant you an advantage against your competitors? Yes, that's right! According to Small Business Rainmaker, 4 out of 10 people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap-looking.

You don't want that to experience the same thing, do you? But there's nothing to worry about because we'll provide some useful hints below on how you can create engaging business cards with ease so you can generate more extra traffic, clients, sales, and leads.

1. Make It Concise

If your business card contains much information than it should be, sorry to tell you this, but you're clearly losing the attention of your recipients. It is because the information is too much for them to remember. Make it memorable and simple by including only the essential details without making your recipients confused. Consider the following essentials: identification and contact information, address, and call to action or promo. An effective card doesn't need to be complicated because a concise one is more than enough.

2. Ensure Readable Texts

Keep in mind that your recipients are entrepreneurs and professionals, so make sure that you're not using fancy fonts and also ensure that they aren't too little and distorted in any form. In other words, ensure that your business card is readable; it is one of the essential requirements. If you want to make your business card more stylish, enable your business logo to be the design factor that captures attention and keep the text simple, formal, and direct.

3. Let White Prevail

Since card printing nowadays is very cheap and affordable, it's not unusual to have a painted text and figures on both surfaces of your business card. However, avoid the attraction by coating both surfaces with white space. Additionally, a portion of the available area can improve business card usage. It enables the card recipient to write down essential details.

Besides, according to, white space can improve the reading comprehension of your recipients by up to 20% and increase their attention span up to 6 more seconds. For those who typically utilize business cards for taking records, your dark or black business cards might not be in fashion this time.

4. Effective Call to Action

Make a brief note that guides the recipient to your website, or grant a reward or promo that will be relevant to the audience. Ensure that you capture the interest of your target market with a distinct call to action and promo to make your business card memorable, and promote some transactions to your website or produce more contacts than your competitors.

5. Print It Professionally

We highly recommend that you should use software such as Apple Pages that can adopt the modifications when publishing your business card. If you have experience in printing cards with the best quality, you may print your cards by yourself. But if you don't have the skill, it is better to print it with the help of experts because the impact of having a homemade business card isn't identical to cards that are published professionally. Moreover, inspect the paper that you'll use because the quality of paper changes the anticipated state of the finished output. Make sure to use only the best!