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How To Create A Rack Card In Illustrator

Did you know that rack cards can help get your business noticed? Just like brochures and flyers, this marketing material conveys information at a glance in strategic locations and can spark the interest of potential clients without spending a lot on production. And unlike some marketing materials, rack cards are designed to be picked up.

You might ask how you should design your rack cards for it to be successful. Well, continue reading this article that will give you a few tips on how you can produce one.

1. Do Customizations In Illustrator

When making documents and materials digitally, you need to have an excellent graphic design program to aid you. The program needs to be user-friendly and has all the design tools you need to create documents and materials. And that program is Adobe Illustrator. Through this program, you can add, move, and remove high-resolution arts. Illustrator will give you the freedom to do anything easily.

2. Come Up With A Call To Action

Add a call to action to make your rack cards beneficial to your target. If you don't know, a call to action is a phrase or single word that gives an inviting reason for people to grab your card. Use your rack cards to announce sales, discounts, or anything as long as it'll make prospective clients act on your announcement. Coming up with a good call to action will drive and increase traffic to your stores. The CTA needs to be placed in a prominent area to add emphasis and attract attention. Some would spice up their simple rack cards by adding coupons and vouchers.

3. Cater Content To Your Audience

The reason why a modern rack card is effective is by how it is beneficial for the readers. It is always important to consider who your target audience are. Are you catering to college students? Medical experts? Or business travelers? Each of these audiences will probably react to a distinct layout and content of the rack card. And for that reason, you need the content of your card to cater to your target market. Begin by briefly discussing a clear message that you want to relay to your audience. Choose and concentrate on your most enticing points.

4. Don't Forget To Include The Basics

How some companies fail to include their company information in their sample rack cards is very unfortunate. Include business information like your business's name, phone number, address, and website. For your clients to reach your address, try adding a map leading to your store or use a QR code which reader can scan through their phones to learn more about you and your business.

5. Use A Template

Rack cards can be used by different industries such as a non-profit organization, event planning agency (wedding and party), restaurant, real estate, salon, healthcare, and so many more. For instance, doctors use minimalist rack cards to disseminate medical information to patients. It can be challenging to create one that will best represent its purpose. That is why we offer you our rack card templates that will best serve your business and stand out from the crowd. Our templates use high-resolution graphics. You can easily change colors, images, and text in just a matter of minutes. Own a rack card template now without spending a lot of money and effort.