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How to Make Rack Cards in Apple Pages?

Rack cards are marketing materials used commercially to upgrade customer connection and profitability. It is because more clients mean more income. There are different kinds of rack cards and each varies from the usage and content. There are the creative agency rack cards, wedding rack cards, and business services rack cards for the former while examples for the latter are health rack cards, photography rack cards, etc. A rack card is part of the print media category just like the brochure, postcard, and flyer. There are a lot of advantages to going for printed marketing tools over digital such as budget-friendly, efficient, and engaging. Customers are more enticed and hooked in reading printed things than those that are contained by websites where readers mostly pay a 15-second skimming visit. A study has shown that the average digital screen text people read is 20% – 30% slower compared to text printed on paper.

If you ought to craft such card, here are the details how:

1. Pick out a Template

Cherry-pick a rack card template from our website. Guarantee that the model that you chose to customize is the works best for you. Launch Apple Pages, start a new file and begin the personalization. You can start the work by determining the aspects that are technical such as orientation and size. It is because by determining them, you can get away with the hassle of altering the design of your project to fit the said aspects. There is no need to determine the orientation since rack cards are all in portrait. For the size, on the other hand, you may have it in 4 by 9 inches with bleed.

2. Design Suitably

Do not burden yourself with the thought of having to be professional. You can always be creative and innovative by adding some artistic touches to your professional document, it is a marketing tool anyway. Thus, its aim is to attract people. Begin molding your rack card design by mixing and matching different pieces but make sure that it will form a magnificent whole. If it is a hotel rack card, select a color palette that is associated to your establishment. The font styles should be catchy to attract attention. You can also incorporate images, cliparts, and a border.

3. Words are Power

The design will be useless if it will not have an enticing content because the content is always the king. The point of rack cards is to market. Even though it is not like flyers that can be distributed anywhere, the words that it contains should be appealing and informative enough. That said, use the tone of persuasion with a little dash of friendliness so that your targets will not feel forced. Put a short company description, your products and/or services offered, your contact details, and your business hours.

4. Brand

Take advantage of this opportunity to brand your card. Add the name of your company, slogan — if there is, logo, address, website, social media accounts and contact information. In that sense, people can get to know you more by browsing at your online pages or contacting you.

5. Print

Save the file first before printing. Click Save as from the File options and choose a convenient location to store your document. Afterward, print it using a material that will maintain its quality such as glossy or sturdy papers.