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How to Make a Card in Word

Quality makes your cards excel in the market, thus, you have to set a standard that basically meets or exceeds your customer's expectations. The quality of your product defines you and will later set as your own signature from others. Cards are widely used since then. The challenge here is how to make cards with new designs without compromising the standards of your customers. The tips below are presented to help you in achieving a quality-based card.

1. Conduct a Research

Research is important to remain being competitive and to explore more designs that are not used by others. When you make your cards, be it a business card, wedding card, menu card or any other card, you have to research and seek new ways to improve your designs. This will also help you know the preferences of your target customers. No one likes to be given boring and repetitive cards. You always seek for new designs that have potential in the market. 

2. Choose a Perfect Color Scheme

Since cards are kind of visual art, it is necessary for you to be critical in choosing what colors to use in your cards. Use colors that complement not to fight with each other. When you make business cards, you have to choose colors that represent your company and your brand. Do not mislead people with your color scheme. When you make greeting cards, whether it be seasonal or everyday cards, prioritize a unique artwork for it and make it as personal as you can.

3. Limit your Font Styles

If music has its rhythm, so as your designs. Unity of colors, strokes, images, and font styles on the entire card design must prevail. In most cases, you have the freedom to choose what font style to use but basically, it has to be pleasing to the eyesight. You have to choose the best font style for your card, use font styles that fit your business cards and your greeting cards but limit it. Set a focusing effect on your cards.

4. Apply Final Touch

According to, 72% of people base a company on a person's business cards. Therefore, how you make your business cards really matter. Furthermore, cards both business and greetings when properly and attractively made are always worth the attention. If you are done designing your cards, ask your self, will this work?

5. Choose Printers that Fit your Paper Stock

Remember that when you print your cards, choose a card stock or a paper stock that fits on your printer. Your designs will be of no use if you choose stocks that aren't compatible with your printer. Proper designing demands discipline. Discipline in choosing colors and styles to use. Always consider the preference of your clients more than yours. Always consider the power of first impression.