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How to Create a Certificate

Making a certificate is an easy task. You don't have to worry about where to start. You can always find programs from your computer that can create certificates. May it be that you will have to make a certificate of appreciation, training certificate, certificate of appreciation, certificate of completion, certificate of recognition, graduation certificate, certificate of achievement, business certificate, or any certificate you need, hopefully, these steps can guide you.

1. Know the Purpose of Your Certificate

There are different kinds of professional certificates, like some mentioned above. In the first place, what kind of certificate are you trying to create? That is your first goal.

2. Know the Recipient of the Certificate

Who will receive the certificate? You have to have the name or the list of names of those who will receive it. Be sure to have the spellings right. No one would want to receive a misspelled name. A complete checklist of the needed details will help you through the process of making the certificate.  

3. Start Making the Certificate

You can use Illustrator to make a certificate. You can make your own borders or choose from Illustrator. In this program, you can edit gift certificate Illustrator template, computer certificate Illustrator, awards certificate Illustrator, gift certificate Illustrator template, wedding gift certificate template Illustrator, and certificate of appreciation template Illustrator. That will be easier.

4. Choose the Colors 

Make sure to use proper colors for your certificate. If your certificate is for business, you can use the traditional business colors like gray, black, or white. But it really depends on you on what color you choose. You can choose pastel colors and other colors if you want to. According to Elijah Wolfson of The Atlantic, "Color doesn’t exist within a thing; it is the experience an outside agent has of the thing." That means color perception depends on person to person. 

5. Organize Your Layout

Traditionally, you only have one page to fit everything. Make sure that you leave spaces with your words, in order to have a professional-looking layout. You have to minimize your font sizes too if you have to add longer words.

6. Properly Use Font Styles

While sometimes it is tempting to use a pack of fonts in a single certificate, remember to keep it minimal. Do not overdo it. You can make use of only three fonts to style your certificate. You don't want to have an uncluttered certificate. Keep it professional.

7. You May Add Logos

Most of the time, logos are not necessary for certificates. Official logos can be important as well; it represents a company, university, or organization. 

8. Proofread Your Work

It is important to check everything after you are done. Make sure that the spellings are right. No one would want to receive a well-made certificate but the names are misspelled. It is your job to recheck everything.

9. Save and Print

For certificates, make sure you use a high-quality paper. You can use parchment paper to add a sense of antiquity, granite paper to add elegance, or a linen paper because of its given texture.