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How to Create a Presentable Certificate

Certificates vary by functions. With each function, they demand their specific configurations and qualities. Follow these step-by-step guides in printing the right certificate you need.

1.Know Its Purpose and Recipient

First and foremost, it is important to know who the certificate goes to and what is the overall purpose of giving the recognition or award. Be sure to make the certificate free from mistakes. Always do multiple assurances. Do recheck several times before printing and handing it to the recipient. If unsure of specific details, do not be afraid to ask someone who you think is more familiar with it. Also, it can be an insult to the recipient if any of the details is misspelled and mistakenly placed. 

2. Choose the Right Look

Make use of the appropriate look your certificate specifically needs. Layouting is also linked with psychological connections. Colors, typefaces, and images can root to the cognition of an individual. Pay special attention in utilizing the right colors and fonts for a certain certificate. Monochromatic and minimalist palettes are suggested to be for a formal tone and a workplace certificate. Fun and vibrant colors like pastels and neons are for nonbusiness-related certificates, best for wacky awards such as "Most Fashionista Employee of the Month."

3. Less Is More

As you can observe, most professional certificates are not full. They do not take the whole of their space for any element. Make sure to spare a negative or blank space in the certificate. Empty as it may seem but it makes the certificate neat and professional-looking. It provides breathability for the eyes making it more legible to read and comprehend. Fitting the certificate with all the texts and other elements can make the certificate look chaotic and less credible.

4. Print in High Quality

Make sure to print the certificate in high quality. Texts, designs, and images must be crisp and vivid upon printing. In any way, it should not be distorted or degraded when it is presented. Sometimes the quality looks good on computer screens but is poor when printed. Make sure to configure its settings beforehand to save time and money. Also, do not choose the standard writing paper; it is thin and light. Print it in a stock paper; it is thicker and harder than the standard writing paper. By doing this effort, you can make the recipients feel more gloriously valued because of the quality of its certificate.

5. Make Sure It Fits

Certificates can be placed anywhere. A certificate holds a memory. Therefore, people owning them usually preserve them in any way they know. Some keep them in secret compartments, some display them in their homes. So it is suggested to print it in standard, suggested sizes to fit in certificate frames, certificate jackets, envelopes, or folders easily. Apple Pages can provide varied configurations for these suggested options.