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How to Make a Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

Anyone’s hard work deserves recognition. This doesn’t demand fancy things nor a huge amount of money, simply giving of certificates will do. Thus, you have to ensure well-made printable certificates for your respective receivers because how you make it reflects your sincerity.

Take note that certificates are not only limited to the employee-employer relationship. You can hand various certificates depending on what the recognition is all about and to whom you will address it. You can make an appreciation certificate, diploma certificates, experience certificate, photography certificate, certificate card, and a school certificate to anyone who is worthy. 

Given below are tips that you can rely on while making your certificates prepared for your list of outstanding individuals. 

1. Define your Purpose

Are you making this certificate for your employee because he passed the quota you set for a month? Then make an employee certificate for that. It is important to set your purpose in making certificates in order for you to plan what content to include and design to use. If you are already certain with your purpose, it will be now easy for you to proceed to the process of creating it. 

2. Choose What Color Scheme to Use

Simply choose colors that relate to your content and your company or the institution you belong to. You must also consider the complementary color scheme. You would not wish your company certificate appears without harmony in it, right? A bad combination of colors could create a bad impression on you. Moreover, the overuse of colors might also end up different from what you intended. You have to balance simplicity and creativity in such a way that the output is professionally created. 

3. Find a Great Typeface

Proper usage of typefaces establishes an information hierarchy. The most important information comes bigger than the remaining details. Most of the business and management certificates display bigger font sizes to names and titles. However, it is not preferred to use lots of styles on one page. This is not good to look at. 

4. Save it in the PSD File Format

Almost all file formats are user-friendly. One of which is the PSD file format made from Adobe Photoshop. When saving PSD, you can decide and set your own preference if you want to maximize your file compatibility. This format allows you to work and edit layers even after a layer has been saved. We provided numerous certificate templates in this file format, make a choice, download, then edit it according to your liking.

5. Decide What Paper Stock to Use

Choosing what paper to use will always matter. Your designs will be of no use if your paper stock doesn't fit with it. Parchment paper is highly suggested in official certificates (like birth certificates) because of its one of a kind and blotchy appearance. Its versatility is also commendable because you can print on laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers, calligraphy, and even typewriters.