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What is a Certificate? 

A certificate is an official document that attests to the authenticity of someone or something. Certificates are perceived as important documents for many people as these are used for gauging the capabilities of a person. This often comes in handy at work. 

How to Create a Well-Made Certificate

Are you given the task of making formal certificates? Don't be pressured. Certificates are documents that are generally quite simple and easy to make. Creating the content is not a difficult task to do if you compare it to making other documents. Making certificates require special attention in making a tidy format. 

1. Be Aware of Why You are Making the Certificate

Certificates vary in purpose. Before you can start making the format and content of your certificate, you have to be aware of what type of certificates are you supposed to be making. Doing this can also help you know what the design and content of your certificate should be. To illustrate, there can be leadership certificates, service certificates, and even pet certificates.

2. Know Who You are Making It For 

In continuation of the previous tip, you should also be aware of who you are making the certificates for. Ask for a list of the recipients. A number of certificates, like graduation and diploma certificates, often require the name of the recipient to be printed onto the document. Including the name of the recipient into your certificate gives it an impressive look.   

3. Keep the Design Clean and Simple

In making printable certificates, you may think that adding design is a necessity. It isn't. Although design adds flavor to the certificate's overall look, you have to remember to keep it in the bare minimum. Adding too much design can clutter up the certificate and make it look flimsy and cheesy. 

4. Make the Certificate Look Official

In creating a certificate in Microsoft Word, you should avoid using crazy fonts and loud colors. We recommend that you pick an appropriate color scheme that will go well with your certificate. The design and color scheme should go with the purpose of the certificate. Certificates that are given during austere ceremonies, for example, tend to come in cool color schemes.   

5. Include an Official Logo

When making a certificate for a company, we recommend that you include its official logo into the certificate. Although including logos aren't entirely necessary to making certificates, logos are like official seals. This signifies that a person has been recognized by the whole company for achievement. However, before using the logo, you should always get the permission of your higher-ups.  

6. Avoid Making Errors 

Spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors can serve to ruin the substance of a certificate. Especially when making medical certificates and other official documents. You have to be extra careful when making certificates. A common error when it comes to certificate making is the misspelling of the names of recipients. This is a mistake that may be embarrassing for the recipient, so best avoid doing it. Always recheck your work.  

7. Print the Certificate onto High-Quality Paper

Certificates are all about appearance. To make a certificate that looks good, you should use quality paper. Using heavy paper is recommended when you are printing certificates. This is because using light paper stock can make the certificate look unimportant. Keep this in mind especially when making award certificates.