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What is a Checklist?

The purpose of having a planning checklist is to reduce failure by compensating for the potential limits of a person's memory and attention. To put it simply, it is a document that can help remind a person as to what it is that he/she needs to do. Digital of printed checklists are used by those who wish to carry out their tasks in a manner that is both consistent and competent. So whenever you have something like a project that requires you to do multiple things until completion, consider making a checklist for yourself.

How to Create a Checklist In Google Docs

1. Gain Access to Google Docs

If you want to start making a sample checklist via Google Docs, then you'll first need to learn how to access it. You simply have to visit Google's main page and from there you can log in to your Gmail account. From there, you should be able to find the "Docs" option and then you can start by picking from the available checklist templates or by creating one via a blank document.

2. Know the Purpose of the Checklist

Before you can actually get started in making your checklist, you must first identify the reason as to why you even need to make one. Are you going to use it to help you during the onboarding process of new hires (employee checklist)? Is it so that you'll have an easy time in planning a wedding (wedding checklist)? It is important that you figure this out as the answer will tell you exactly what it is that your checklist is supposed to consist of.

3. Place Items Into the List

Now that you know the checklist's purpose, you must now put in the tasks that you have to complete. First, begin by creating the checklist form in Google Docs using the “Bulleted list” feature. In every line, place every task that you have to do. You have to provide a detailed description for each one as it is essential that you know exactly how they are supposed to be done. Also, take note that you can provide a checkbox option to your list by clicking on "Format" at the top menu bar.

4. Know When Each Task Must be Completed

Aside from placing descriptions, you will also need to know when exactly they have to be completed. You can place the exact date and/or time for each task that is on the list. If you want to be meticulous for each one, then you may want to include the date and/or time that they must be started. Just make sure that each task is given an appropriate amount of time for completion in order to avoid problems. This is especially important when making project checklists.

5. Consider Placing Remarks

There are some checklists wherein you may have to include comments. They can be used to point out why a specific task was not completed or why it was not done on time. When providing a comment, you will want to be as detailed as possible. For example, in a vehicle checklist, the end-user may need to write down the vehicle's legal description and price in order to complete a sale.