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What is a Checklist?

Checklists are essential for those that have multiple tasks and responsibilities. It can help an individual keep track of all the things that he/she has to do. While planning checklists can be used for many different purposes, what they mainly do is help one organize his/her duties so that they can be done in a professional and timely manner. So if you're finding it difficult to remember the things you need to do, consider making yourself a digital or printed checklist.

How to Create a Checklist in Apple Numbers

1. Make a Table

Since you will be using Apple Numbers on Mac, you must first choose the schedule template that you want to use. Then you will need to choose from a number of predetermined table styles that match the template. You can do this by click on the Table icon above and then clicking and dragging the table of your choice on to the sheet. From there you can customize it however you like.

2. Know Why You Need the Checklist

You won't be able to start making your checklist forms unless you know exactly why you need it in the first place. This is very important as understanding its purposes will tell you exactly what information it should contain. Are you making a checklist to keep track of work-related activities? Or maybe you need it to help you organize an event? Figure out the reason so that you can start making your checklist.

3. List Down Your Tasks

When you've understood why you're making a project, personal, or business checklist, then next is to make a list of all the things that need to be done. Know the goal that you have to reach and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to reach it. For every task that you must do, be sure to provide a detailed description for each one. When you've managed to do that, you may then place each task and their descriptions into their individual cells within the table.

4. Know When Each Task Is Due

If the tasks that need to be completed have a deadline, then it is important that you include that information into your checklist. For example, if you are filling out an application checklist, place the exact date and/or time that each task must be finished into their appropriate cell. If you feel as if you need to, then you can also include the date and/or time in which each task must be started.

5. Create a Section for Notes

Although you do not necessarily need to do this, there are some cases wherein you may want to include a notes section in your sample checklist document. The purpose of this is to provide any additional information that can help ensure that a particular task is done, or it can be used to point out why it was not completed. All you have to do is to write down any necessary details that the user or reader must learn about and to make sure that whatever is written can be clearly understood.