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What is a Concert Flyer?

A concert is a music performance that is presented live in front of a huge audience. The live performance can be a single artist or by a musical group like an orchestra, corps, choir, or band. Musicians usually perform on stage and the venue is equipped with professional audio supplies. Concerts are usually held in a wide size of setting like concert halls, arenas, theatre halls, nightclubs, gymnasium, stadiums, and parks. In these concert settings, there are different concert performances that are being presented such as music festivals, party concerts, artists' solo concert events, Christmas concerts, spring concert, party concert or church-related concerts like worship and gospel performances.

Concert events usually notify interested audiences in various ways. For instance, concert events usually use flyers to spread the news about the event. They are made of special papers that are contained with advertisements that are intended to be posted and to be distributed in public areas for the people to see and to read.

How to Make a Concert Flyer

In order to entice your target audiences with your concert performances, one of these ways is to allure them with your attractive and interesting concert flyer. Here are the following steps for you to be guided.

1. Know Your Target Audience

It is very important to know your target audiences and knowing how your concert flyer would influence them. According to certain university research, knowing and deciding your audience is very essential. This will help you be guided on how the entire message of the flyer will be conveyed to them. Make sure that your content is understandable to your target audiences.

2. Choose a Flyer Template

If you have identified your target audiences, you can start with choosing a specific concert flyer template. You can have a wide range of choices here in for you to have a suitable template for your concert event. Choose the one the suits the theme of the concert event that comes with related creative features like fonts, pictures, and backgrounds. It will be easy for you to customize the template and you will be able to manage your time.

3. Craft Your Message

If your concert flyer template is set, you can start with crafting your flyer's message to the target audiences. As much as possible, keep your messages short and direct to the point. Avoid making your messages too wordy, instead, make them concise and bulleted. Provide the basic details that answer with who, what, where and when questions. Always remember to use a standard and simple font that is easy for your target audiences to read.

4. Add Compelling Designs

The next step is to add compelling designs for your concert flyer. Make sure that your graphic designs are related to the main message that you are trying to convey in your flyer. According to research, most of the people would respond because of the images of people like themselves that are being engaged in the activity that you wanted to encourage. As mentioned from the same research article, 70% of people only look at the graphic when viewing a print ad or poster, while 30% only read the headline.

5. Print and Distribute

If everything is in place, you can start printing your concert flyer. Make sure that your concert flyer is being printed on a special paper. If you are done printing, you can start distributing your concert flyers in areas where your target audiences are available.