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According to the legal dictionary, a contract is an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons making a promise to do something in return for a favorable benefit known as consideration. There are four most important factual elements for a contract to exist. First, there has to be an offer. Second, there is an acceptance to the offer. Third, there has to be a promise to perform. Lastly, a valuable consideration. This can be a promise, a payment, or some other form such as service contract, project contract, business contract, or employment contract.

How to Create a Contract in Google Docs

1. Write it Down

An oral agreement may be legal and binding in many situations, but they are difficult to present in court. Therefore, a written agreement is less risky because you have a document that clearly speaks of each party's rights and obligations whenever confusion and disagreements arise.

2. Give it a Little K.I.S.S.—Keep It Short and Simple

As much as possible, create short and clear sentences with simply numbered paragraph headings that will alert the readers on what is in the paragraph. In addition, this will also make sure that the reader understands the passage comprehensively. Simple contracts work best.

3. Keep an Eye on the Details

Never leave anything out! Make your contract comprehensive; meaning, the rights, and obligations of each party must be stated in detail. An oral agreement that is excluded in the contract makes it impossible to enforce. In the case of court trials, the court judge will only refer to the four corners of the contract, not on what each party said. This is especially important when business agreements.

4. Choose the Best Site

The first thing you have to do is to open Google Docs. You may type the URL at the search engine of any web browser. There are a lot of contract templates you can choose in Google Docs, and that includes construction contract templates.

5. Choose a Template that You Want to Make as Yours.

There is a lot of word processing software tools you can create your document with, but you may use Google Docs. All you have to do is choose a sample contract template you would like to modify. You may do this by opening Google Docs Templates, then click "Submit a Template."

6. Once You Take it, You've Got to Own It

Once you are done modifying your contract agreement template, go to "choose from your Google Docs" to get you routed to the template you have made. Select the template you have made, then make a description for your template. It would be better if you want to make it a sentence so that at least you can make it quite vivid.

7. Make Your Work Appreciated

You want your work not to be wasted, right? Therefore, it is important that you submit your work after you made it. You may open the "My Templates" page and click "Use this template" already in order to create a copy of the contract or agreement letter template you have made. You are not just doing it for yourself, but you are also helping others to make their task easier. Good job for that!