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How to Create an Envelope in Apple Pages?

An envelope may sound plain and boring, but it holds great importance whenever people make official or personal transactions. They are important simply because they hold with them important documents, letters, and invitation cards. Envelopes are instruments that securely transport and carry its content from the sender to the recipient.

Envelopes can simply be made through origami, the art of paper folding. However, for official business transactions, the envelope must contain basic sender and recipient information. Depending on the need and situation, envelopes vary on sizes and features. the different kinds of envelopes include Manila, airmail, disc, window, square, booklet, announcement, banker, wallet, pocket, and catalog envelope. The content of your envelope should reflect on what kind of envelope to use. Be it for business or personal purposes, you must send a presentable piece of envelope.

1. Size Matters

Think about the size of the document because it will also determine the size of your envelope. Envelope sizes and dimensions vary, so you have to carefully choose the best one that fits all your content. Your envelope should not crumple or distort the content so that when the receiver opens it, everything will be as good as new. Consult a comprehensive size chart to guide you through the process.

2. Place Sender-Recipient Information

In official business transactions, envelopes commonly have the company name and logo. According to research conducted by Garris,, when a sender sends a written communication, and the recipient shall receive it successfully, the exchange of messages was reliable and useful. In less complex transactions, the sender can simply write these details directly to the envelope itself. These details include the names, addresses, zip codes, and other specifics.

3. Use a Clean Design

To get a clean and minimal yet creative design for your envelope layout, edit your project with the help of Apple Pages. Clean designs are neat, precise, consistent and beautiful. Too many design elements might ruin the overall look of your envelope. Make a vessel for your documents that's pretty straightforward and modern.

4. Fold Neatly

When we talk about envelopes, there are really endless kinds, categories, sizes, and folds. Generally, envelopes employ the art of paper folding so it should precise and neatly crafted. Different envelope formats carry different purposes. They can be used in wedding invitations, announcements, and so much more.

5. Use Good Paper Stock

The kind of paper that you'll use will have an impact on the mailing process and recipient impression. You must a high-quality paper stock for your envelope format to give it more durability; the envelope must not easily tear during the transportation process. Also, quality paper can be good for presentation.

6. Print Numerous Copies

Secure a good amount of envelope copies for future use. You'll never have to rush and worry about not having an envelope the next time you send a document. Store the envelopes in an area where they're safe from elements that might cause wear and tear. It's better to be safe than sorry.