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How to Make a Fine Envelope in Adobe Photoshop

Sending out regards to some distant acquaintances, transmitting heartwarming messages to friends, and even handing over firing termination letters to employees, all come inside a well-crafted envelope. However, receiving envelopes can be nerve-racking because it contains either good news or bad news, there's no in-between. That said, always attain formality and professionalism because it carries a significant message that has to be transmitted carefully and successfully.

1. Know Your Recipient

In order to create a relevant and simple envelope, make sure that you know who you are sending it to—whether that person is a high-ranked official, a business partner, a worker, a friend, or a relative—so that you will not waste your time crafting one with an inappropriate envelope design. Also, take into consideration the messages that are going to be enveloped, if they are serious or casual, for more adequate results.

2. Select a Size

There are various envelope sizes and envelope formats available for you to use; thus, you may choose one that you think is appropriate to its content and recipient. If you want to make envelopes for your wedding invitations, then the size A1 (3 1/2" × 4 7/8") is perfect for you. Moreover, in creating one for a business matter, you may use the number 10 envelope that measures 4 1/8" × 9 1/2".

3. Choose the Appropriate Color

One of the basic elements of your printable envelope template is the color. However, it has the second most significant duty aside from the content that your envelope carries because it is the first thing that people see. Colors draw out behavioral and emotional responses. For example, green generates creativity; red lowers analytical thinking; blue is liked the most; yellow is not quite a favorite; orange is somehow linked with good value; pink sets a calming mood; and white may create boredom. That is why you have to be careful in selecting the color. Always put in mind the appropriateness of the color to the message, event, and person that you are sending it to.

4. Imprint Your logo

Do not forget to add your company logo to the envelope design if you want to boost brand recognition. Branding is essential for business because it is also one way of promoting your institution and exhibiting professionalism. Also, it leaves a good impression to your customers or patrons; in that manner, they will remember your name and products.

5. Print, Fold, and Seal

In Photoshop, save the file in .psd, like "wedding envelope psd" or "invitation envelope psd," first before printing. Make sure that you'll print it into a paper with excellent quality, in order to not ruin the quality of your envelope. Moreover, print your finished product carefully for a neat result because a neatly printed envelope marks formality and courtesy. After printing, fold the areas that need to be folded with finesse, because you don't want to send out a messed-up envelope and stain your name, do you? Lastly, insert the card, document, or letter inside the sample envelope, and write the necessary details at the back of it in an orderly manner. Seal it afterward; however, sealing is not necessary—you have the freedom whether you want to seal it or not, but for business-related messages, sealing is important to ensure confidentiality.