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What Is a Flyer?

A flyer is a type of paper advertisement containing various information on a certain product or an event. It is also known as throwaway marketing because mainly they are directly handed out to public places. Its main marketing purpose is to cover a wide area, that is why flyers are also meant to be handy in form.

How to Create an Effective Flyer

Whether you are promoting your simple event or just marketing your product to the mass. A flyer is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of advertising. In order for your simple flyer to be noticed by the public, here are some tips on how to effectively formulate and craft your desired flyer.

1. Recognize

Your purpose marks the starting line to your desired flyer. Identify first the flyer that you want to create, whether you are having an event flyer, business flyer, party flyer, etc. This is for you to properly establish the content and to set the proper mood you want for your flyer.

2. Make a Draft

You have to make sure first that no important information would be left out. In order to achieve that, you need an outline flow on how the content of your flyer would look like. Sort every information that you want to include in your flyer, from greatest to the least. Make sure to also include a separate list of design elements that you want to incorporate to your sample flyer.

3. Find the Best Tool

Your design tool plays a big role in the design stage. There are several editing application where you can use and work on your design. Just make sure to choose the tool that is compatible for you to use. Here is a suggestion, if you are a beginner make use of a tool that is user-friendly such as Adobe Photoshop.

4. Layout your Flyer

In a design guide published by, it suggests that when you do outline design it is important that you establish order in your layout. The suggestion means that if organize well your texts and design elements, more audiences will draw attention to your flyer. Your goal is to attract a large number of the potential market. That is why you need to make sure that your design would interest the public's eye.

5. Proofread the Content

Don't leave everything with ease. You still have to make sure that all of the necessary information, word usage, and sentence construction are correctly used. Seek advice from a friend who can help you, take some suggestions and make these ideas as a tool for improvement. It is also your job not to mislead your target market, so make the content as coherent as possible.

6. Print

Determine the size that you want to have. An average easy to print flyer size comes at around 8.5 x 11 inches. Still, it would depend on the content and the look of your marketing flyer. It would be better if you come to your nearest printing services center. They can give a better option and suggestion on to what print quality that you can have.