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What Is a Flyer?

A marketing flyer, also known as a pamphlet or leaflet, is a form of advertisement material that is meant for wide distribution either by hand, by mail, or by posting it in a public location. The best thing about flyers is that they are also inexpensive.

How to Make a Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

Many designers prefer to use Adobe Illustrator over Photoshop due to its use of vectors. In fact, around 180 million graphics are created monthly with Illustrator. If you wish to learn how to make a flyer in Illustrator, a tutorial is provided below. These points will teach you how to create event flyers, corporate flyers, party flyers, or any kind of flyer in Illustrator.

1. Encourage Readers to Focus on a Focal Point in the Flyer

When watching television, only 38% of people actually pay attention to commercials. In magazines, 81% of readers simply flick through and take no notice of its ads. Flyers, on the other hand, encourage readers to focus on its content as long as it is created properly. By using brilliant colors, the right font, and a striking image, flyers are really capable of engaging their readers with its content.

2. Your Message Should Speak Directly to the Reader

Always know your target customers and speak directly to them. Whoever they may be, you must do some research about them in order to keep your choice of words and tone of voice in line with them. Determine what your target audience is looking for and how to win them over by using terms and descriptions that'll capture their interests.

3. Talk about the Benefits that Readers Can Gain from Your Products or Services

Don't just talk about what you can offer to your reader, you should also mention what your readers can get if they avail of your product or service. When going through your flyer, readers can't help but ask, "So what?" or "What's the catch?", which is why you should also talk about the benefits. Fitness flyers, for example, should talk about the benefits of having a healthy body.

4. Simplify the Content

As much as you can, keep the content of your simple flyer as easy to comprehend as possible. Always go straight to the point and be concise in delivering your message to your readers regardless of who they may be. Write short yet effective sentences while also using catchy words and active verbs Lastly, arrange all your content logically or use bullet points to make your flyers very easy to read.

5. Include Special Offers or Discounts

Almost 90% of consumers are motivated to avail of products or services if it is either discounted or it comes with freebies. Because of this fact, talking about special offers or discounts in your flyers will very likely grab the attention of your target audience. And since 79% of people pass around their copy of the flyer to others, you might want to take advantage of offering further discounts due to referrals.

6. Don't Forget the CTA

Around 48% of people actually take action after reading creative flyers, and this may either be asking for more info, visiting the store, or availing of the product or service. Regardless of how compelling your content is, the engagement rate may still be low if you fail to include a call-to-action. Always include a CTA, perhaps the response rate from your target audience would be greater than 48%.