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How to Create a Flyer in InDesign

A flyer's purpose is to attract people so that your sales will grow. It has different types depending on what you are advertising. It can be a flyer for business, school, program, event, corporate or financial services. Usually, flyers are used for marketing purposes for small businesses to boost their sales. To make an effective flyer, there are a lot of editing software available that allows you to create and edit your own flyers like Adobe InDesign. We have prepared the steps below to guide you on how to make a flyer.

1. Know Your Audience

Even if your simple flyer was beautifully designed with cool graphics and a professional layout, it won't be effective if your targeted audience is not right. Conduct a little research to know more about your audience. This is for you to be able to picture out what design you will be making in your flyer that will most likely grab the attention of your audience.

2. Place the Background Picture

When they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" this means that placing the perfect background image in your sample flyer is crucial for your audience to understand what the message is you are trying to convey. This is because according to, a design that is actionable is vital. It means that you need to give a strong reason for your customers to respond. Always choose and place a background picture that fits the type of flyer you are making.

3. Create an Effective Heading

Remember that your flyer should be compelling enough to be picked by people. Creating a striking headline is the best solution. Come up with a good headline that is not that long but still informative. Your heading should be enough to inform the person reading your flyer about what you are advertising. Be creative in making the headline to have a noticeable flyer.

4. Add Information

It's true that design plays a vital role in your flyer but it doesn't mean that you don't need to add any additional texts on it. You need to add information that will further explain the purpose of your advertising. It doesn't need to be in a very long form of text but instead only contains the necessary specific details like your business name, contact information, and a little bit about your product. Make sure not to include other information that is not helpful for your flyer. Remember to be clear and concise.

5. Print Your Flyer

The final step in making a flyer will always be the printing process. Before you print, make sure to proofread everything in your flyer. To have a successful finish product you can use Adobe InDesign software in making your flyers. Since this software is easy to navigate while editing, using this software with our templates above will surely save your time. Now, if you are sure that your flyer is perfect, then you can print it.