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What Is a Flyer?

A flyer is a printed marketing material that businesses and organizations use to promote their goods, services, or events. One of its main purposes is to get the attention of prospects and to direct it towards what they're trying to promote. Afterward, a specific or desired action is expected from the prospect after gathering the necessary information from the flyer.

How to Make a Flyer on Mac's Pages

If you're working on something that involves a lot of graphical elements, Pages would be the right tool since it allows for more control over images than Microsoft Word. If you wish to learn how to make a flyer on your MacBook, feel free to read the instructions laid out for you below.

1. Learn How to Make the Best Flyers

Flyers are indeed still one of the most effective marketing tools, and many businesses and organizations still rely on them. Nearly 50% of consumers hold on to flyers by pinning them on boards or storing them inside kitchen drawers. Gather tips on how to properly design your simple flyers and how to write compelling content, you might just be able to make flyers that will appeal to an even greater audience.

2. Determine Your Target Audience

Your flyers shouldn't be generic, they should cater to the needs of a specific group of people. These people are referred to as your target audience, and they can either be a specific age group, gender, or culture. By determining your target audience, you can make your flyers more focused on addressing their issues or sparking their interests, thus improving your marketing communication plans and strategies.

3. Open Apple Pages and Set Up a New Project

To start working on a project, you will first need to open Pages and select New Document from the File menu. Afterward, select Flyers and Posters from the left sidebar and set up the layout. Here, you can choose whether to use a pre-installed Pages template or to start from scratch by selecting Blank from the Basic section. Afterward, all you need to do is to set up the layout according to your preferences.

4. Start Writing the Desired Content of Your Flyer

Just like any document processing tool, you can use Pages to either add text directly to the layout or to use text placeholders. Either way, start adding your message and make it as compelling and relevant as possible. Around 79% of people respond or react to direct mail flyers which is why it is best to write content that will really motivate the reader to take action.

5. Enhance Your Flyer's Design by Adding Images

In addition to having compelling content, your sample flyers should also have an eye-catching design to really draw attention from people. Use high-quality images and arrange the elements properly, people are more drawn to flyers with an organized layout than those that look cluttered and chaotic. Thankfully, Apple Pages will give you more control over the use of images which will make this step a lot easier than when you're using other word processors.

6. Print Your Flyers and Distribute Them

While it's actually not a bad idea to have your flyers printed yourself, getting it done by professionals is actually a better option since it ensures the best quality. Nevertheless, just make sure to have your flyers printed in a resolution that allows prospects to appreciate the images as well as read the text clearly. Afterward, you can start distributing, posting, or mailing your promotional flyers to your target audience.