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How to Make a Captivating Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

Printed flyers are mostly used for persuasion, promotion, marketing, and advertising of a brand or an event. Crafting a convincing flyer depends on how appropriate your design is to the thing that you are promoting because there are various types of flyers such as cleaning service flyer, summer camp flyer, soccer flyer, and food sale flyer. Moreover, this kind of printed media is convenient and cost-efficient.

One can simply create a plain event flyer in a couple of minutes on a computer, then print some copies or produce only one copy from the computer and have it photocopied. In that case, you can produce one thousand copies for only $50 or less.

In contrast to other forms of media, it is already good. Also, if you don't want it printed, you can send it to everyone with the help of e-mail or post it on other sites. Hence, we are providing you some guidelines to help you create your own announcement or marketing flyer. Scroll down now!

1. Set a Target

Before your hands get on editing, make a good plan first because good planning results in good marketing. Create a printed checklist of targets—such as target audience, date, sales, and expenditure—for an easygoing work. However, you have to keep these two important things in mind: appropriateness and relevance. Those two things that have been mentioned are only a few of the many keys in successful advertising.

2. Decide on the Size

Choose an adequate size for your business flyers or pamphlets; you should base it on its purpose, function, and usage. Do not impulsively pick a size, because it will not be pleasing and attractive. Remember that your goal is to catch the attention of people and conserve your resources, and not the other way around. The standard size is 8.5 × 11 inches; however, if you want to make it half a sheet, you can use 5.5 × 8.5 inches.

3. Play with the Elements

Creating a flyer should not be boring and burdensome. Instead, it should be fun and enjoyable, because delightful work results in a pleasurable outcome. Experiment on the components of your modern flyer design without compromising the quality. Mix and match the font styles, font colors, designs, images, and color schemes but ensure that they are harmonious and not chaotic. Also, do not forget to give emphasis on the necessary details like the name of the event or product, date, location, and contact information.

4. Add Call to Action and/or Testimonies

For better endorsement, call to actions and, if available, testimonies may help. If you want to stimulate a quick response from people, using CTA like "call this number for more information," "subscribe now," or "visit our website for more updates" may be the key. Furthermore, include clients' reviews and feedback like "proven and tested..." because testimonials are helpful in building the customers' trust. This is especially important when making multipurpose flyers.

5. Print and Distribute

First, save your file and create an easy-to-remember file name like "birthday party flyer", "restaurant flyer psd," "flyer psd," or "business flyers" in order for you to not get muddled up. Then, start printing. Whether you print all copies or produce one and photocopy the rest, it's all up to you. When you're done printing, you can already start the distribution.