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How to Create a Marketable Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

Promoting an organized event like parties, sales, concerts, travel, or business opportunity requires a medium with artistic values to entice your customers. But is printing a flyer still marketable in business? Based on a survey conducted by FedEx (NTSE: DFX) Office, 49% of their respondents indicated that "a world without paper would make them feel stressed or annoyed." This shows that printing marketing flyers are still a profitable marketing strategy to advertise products and events even in the modern era of technology.

Creating a flyer has steps to make it marketable. May it be a simple flyer, a promotion for a restaurant, a real estate, an advertisement for a school, or a fund-raising promotion, if you are able to attract your reader's attention, that means you are doing an excellent job with your flyer.

1. Identify What You are Marketing

Start by identifying the event or product you wish to sell. Having a well-defined target market analysis allows you to focus on what you wish to convey in your flyer. Check, who are your current customers? What are you trying to sell? Who are your competitors? Analyze your product and consider the people who are likely to buy your product.

2. Use Play-on-Words Appeals

Play-on-words appeals give enjoyment to your readers. This is a marketing strategy to persuade customers to buy your product or attend your events. This strategy will keep them interested and intrigued by what you are writing, encouraging them to pay attention and remember the advertisement indicated on your promotional flyer. Remember to use the appropriate play-on-words appeal to actually make your target audience understand your message.

3. Use Visual Hierarchy of Text

Your visual hierarchy of text is pretty efficient in showing information to your readers at first glance. The proper layout of words is visually stimulating and easier to navigate, making your reader scan quickly through your simple flyer. The size, case, weight, color, position, alignment, typeface, and spacing of your letter and text would greatly matter in your flyer design. Using this technique will make your message easily conveyable and understandable by your reader.

4. Play with Colors

Color has a way of attracting your readers. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange communicate with warmth, excitement, and energy to your readers. On the other hand, cool colors like blue, green, and violet portray a calming, conservative and nature-inspired feeling to them. Colored flyers are eye-catching and are easily remembered by readers than black-and-white flyers. Why don't you give your sample flyer a splash of color for a twist?

5. Organize Everything

Properly organize your flyer from the text, images, and down to the colors you chose. Keep everything balanced because nobody wants to look at a flyer with information and designs crammed together in a small space. A bad flyer is automatically tossed in the bin, but a well-organized flyer will catch your reader's eye no matter how preoccupied they are.

6. Distribute Your Flyers

Now with the internet and social media, you can distribute your flyers online. But that doesn't mean flyers cannot be distributed physically. In distributing your flyers, consider the following factors. Who should read them? What is your method of distributing them? When should you distribute your flyers? And lastly, who should distribute them? See to it that you create a smart distribution plan with your flyers.