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What is a Food Brochure?

Food brochures are quite similar to restaurant menu brochures from how it is created to the way it is used. But food brochures, in particular, has a way of communicating and attracting customers on a new food product your business is offering.

How to Make a Food Brochure?

It is a common belief that brochures have a great impact on advertising, and for many years they have proved their worth. In creating a good food brochure, there are several important things you need to take note of it to set yourself for future success.

1. Choose a Brochure Fold

Brochures are a popular and creative way to advertise your products, especially in the food business. The most common brochure folds are bifold and the trifold because they are simple and easy to use. But for menus and food brochure, it is highly suggested to have a no fold or a trifold brochure for your reader to easily read your content. No fold suits best for restaurant use, while trifold works best for menus that are meant for takeouts.

2. Capture a Good Headline

When inspiration hits you to create a new product for your food business, don't you just have this urge to shout the message to your customers? But how to do it? How can you reach their interest? Well, one way to do it is through brochures. Capture a good headline that arouses your reader's curiosity and heightens their interest. Communicate your message clearly and serve them the important parts of your brochure.

3. Outline Your Products

What's the purpose of your brochure but to market more customers to your restaurant. Does your restaurant offer a meat-lover theme? Seafood theme? Vegan theme? Or a dessert theme? Give them your best menu and use a good visual by providing appealing images. Whether you are running a fast-food chain, a catering service or a five-star restaurant, the key to a good brochure is summarizing the food products and services you are offering to the public.

4. Emphasize Your Benefits

Feed what your customers want to have. Emphasize the benefits and name the nutritional values they can have if they choose to eat in your restaurant. If they order a burger, a pizza or some other dish, provide the ingredients used and indicate how it is cooked. Give them the reason why they should buy your products. You may even satisfy them with testimonials from your previous customers.

5. Organize, Design and Print

Now that you have pieced up every last detail for your brochure, it is time to organize the layout of your content. In your panels, write a brief description of your company and include the images of your products as well as their information. Describe competitive advantages that you have which your competitors do not, and provide a call to action for your readers. Then, give your brochure an excellent background design. You may decorate it with an elegant, cute, or minimal design. Once you're finished, you may begin to print your brochures.