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How to Create a Corporate ID in Illustrator?

A corporate identification card is the kind of identity card used in a business establishment for its employees to gain access and set foot on the company's premises. The most crucial part of possessing this identity document is to avoid being deceived and to protect the data of a particular business. Reports have shown that the average fraud frequency of bigger organizations — large corporations, for example — ranges from 22 to 26%. Every company requires its employees to wear their IDs when they are in the office, in any part of the institution, and especially during business hours. It is to easily distinguish who is who and if they are part of the corporation, for confidentiality and security purposes.

If you want your identification card-making easy and no hassle, here are tips on how:

1. Know the Number

You must determine how much identification card you need to create so that you can gather enough materials for it. A company — like a corporation, for example — is a huge establishment containing several members or workers that are making it run and operate healthily. For that reason, know how many people you are going to make identification cards for. Also, gather their primary data — or at least the data needed for the card — and list it so that you can work smoothly.

2. Use a Template and an Editing Software

Regardless of the number of cards you are about to make, there will be nothing to worry about because you are not starting from scratch. We have provided you several corporate ID card templates, so choose one to modify. Subsequently, launch the application that is most compatible with your template of choice, which is Adobe Illustrator. Look for the File menu and click Open to begin editing.

3. Be Creative

For the design layout, you are not being limited to the idea of it being formal. You can always be creative and imaginative. If you do not want to see your employees, and even you, wearing stereotypical IDs — like the ones with a photo in the middle, name, and signature under — then customize it to your liking. If your company has a signature color or color combination, you can incorporate it into your craft for relevance purposes. Fancy font styles or calligraphy fonts are not necessary since this is a formal card, unlike business cards where you can be fancy. Do not forget to add the images of the holders.

4. Review Every Card

You need to take a thorough look at each card if you are done designing it. It will help you avoid producing a default and save your time, effort, and money. Make sure that each ID contains the correct details, and each photo is on the right card. Also, do not forget to check the spelling. One wrong letter or number, and you will have to do the layout again. That said, make sure to polish and perfect your document.

5. Save and Print

Move your cursor to the File menu located at the taskbar of Adobe Illustrator. After you click on it, a lot of options will appear. Select Save as. A window will pop up to ask you which part of your computer would you like your document to be placed and if you want to rename the file name. Choose a location and rename the file — if you prefer changing it. Then, print your cards using a PVC for more durable and long-lasting IDs.