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How to Make an ID Card in Illustrator?

An ID card is a crucial document that is used to verify a person's identity. It typically contains the basic information of a person and the terms and conditions of the institution or organization that they are in. What makes it more reliable is because of the picture attached to it. The photo helps in distinguishing the one from the other if they bear the same names. There are various types of ID cards, such as company id, membership id, school id, corporate id, employee id, and more.

If you opt to make identification cards in Adobe Illustrator, here are some useful techniques and tips for you:

1. Identify What Kind

Identify what kind of identification card you want to create first so that the details of your plan will be relevant and in line with it. Would it be a college id card, office id card, or such? Think and select. Also, decide if the orientation is portrait or landscape. After the selection, start planning the number, the design, the data, and other things that contribute to the creation of your card.

2. Make Use of Adobe Illustrator

Launch the editing software and begin customizing your cards by clicking on the File menu and the Open button. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect application to do the job because its interface is user-friendly and it operates in almost all computer systems. Also, it creates both web and print graphics.

3. Download an ID Card Template

Use an ID card template by downloading one from our site. We have more than two-hundred sixty-six identification cards available for you to choose from, so select one to edit. Start by forming the layout. ID cards do not have to look plain and simple just because it is a formal and important document. You can always use your creativity and apply it to your cards. Just make sure that when you incorporate the design elements — such as the colors, lines, borders, and more — will form a picture-perfect whole.

4. Keenly Add the Needed Info

In writing the primary details to your finished ID card layout, you should be meticulous. It is because ID cards provide a lot of privileges and are used for different purposes. With a single identity card, you can permit yourself to enter different areas, bring yourself to various countries, make business transactions, and a lot more. That said, input the name, address, signature, birthday, person to contact in case of emergency, and job title. Make sure that everything are correctly spelled and each data are factual. Also, do not forget to attach a formal photo for each card. It will help support your identity claims and avoid identity theft and fraud. Based on a study in 2017, the overall reported fraud losses by customers is $905,000,000. Therefore, it is really necessary to be careful with the details that you put in your card.

5. Include Terms and Conditions

You should add some terms and conditions and place them at the back of your cards. The purpose of it is to inform people, especially the holders, the rules or methods on how to handle their cards. For example, an employee card got lost, the stranger that found it will know who to contact, look for, and where to return the lost ID. Another example is if a student already graduated from university, he will be informed that he must surrender the university card to the university.