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What Is a Modern ID Card?

A modern ID card or a modern identification card is a professional identity card that holds the needed information of a particular person. People use identification cards to verify their identity. These are commonly used in offices, schools, public and private services, and many more. It also contains a portrait ID photo to check your face. It holds all the information that is relevant to confirm your identity.

How to Make a Modern ID Card?

There are only a few numbers of ways in making identification cards since it only consists of the necessary information that confirms identity. The essential details in an ID card are the name, self-portrait photo, the company, and the contact information in case of emergency. The modern part of a modern ID card is the design. A modern ID card focuses on a modern approach design, which mostly involves a straightforward minimalistic feature. Here are the steps in making a modern ID card.

1. Determine the Purpose

In starting your modern ID card, you have to know the purpose of your identity card. You have to determine if it's for school, for employees, government, or any other purpose that needs IDs. These type of IDs may have the same purpose, but there are also differences with the reliability. Some identification cards are more reliable and trustworthy than others. So it is very significant to know the purpose and hold the weight of that ID card.

2. Choose a Design

There are not that many card designs to choose in making a modern ID card. It is most of the time, simple and straightforward. However, you can also find something that could make your printable ID card unique. You can look for backgrounds that are different yet still attractive. You can also use different colors that complement each other. You can always be creative in making ID cards. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is you are making a modern ID card, so you have to make it new and minimal.

3. Find an ID Maker

Find a trustworthy ID card maker to start your modern ID card. You can use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, etc. You can also use ready-made ID templates by PRO to save more time. The typical size of an ID card is 3.370 in x 2.125 in.

4. Design and Fill-in

It is time to design the modern ID template. Put your planned minimalist look in the card. Don't forget to leave space for the picture. Speaking of pictures, you can choose the type of self-portrait that you want to show. You can use the usual 1 in x 1 in, or you can also use a whole-body or half-body shot. It depends on your choice. Now, you need to fill in the necessary information. First, put the company logo, name and its address. Then, put the individual's name, position, signature, and his or her self-portrait. Those are the information that needs to be at the front. The following information is for the back page. The back part mostly consists of information required for emergency use. It usually contains the address, the contact information of the individual, the blood-type, and the contact information of a close relative. Moreover, it also consists of the terms and conditions of the company.

5. Finalize, Save, and Print!

After finalizing the contents, save the ID card and print!