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What is an ID card?

An ID card is a small piece of card usually with the same size as the regular credit card. This card is given to represent the legal identity of a person or the one who owns the card. Also called an identification card, though in some places it is not considered as a valid document, this card can be accepted as an official document for transactions such as employment, studies, and government transactions. When incorporated with a picture, the card is called a photo ID.

How to make a modern ID card in Illustrator?

Never settle for a half-committed graphic editing software when you can go all out with a visual editor program of your choice. There's been an array of editing software that you can use online. You'll have to choose carefully the software that you're going to use because it will either make or break your design. Aside from the design and layout aspects, there are few things that you have to put into consideration as you make your modern ID card.

Before going straight right into your actual ID card, make a plan on how you will attack the task. One of the best ways to draft an idea is to outline all the things that you need to do. Start your list with a job which is precedence of all other tasks. Take into consideration the importance of each step in making a modern ID card. Here's a list of actions that you can follow to guide you in making a modern ID card in Illustrator:

1. Finalize your draft and plan

The easiest way to make a draft for your ID card is to illustrate it on a piece of paper. Drafting the ID card on a scratch will be a temporary visualization of your project. However, you have always to remember that you are working on a space-limited medium. Thus you need to adjust everything accordingly. With this, you can allow yourself to fit in every element and make necessary changes if you have to.

2. Look for references and inspiration

Try looking for a reference on the internet that is similar to the modern ID card that you are creating. There are lots of inspiration that you can make as a reference. You can directly go to the internet and search for ID cards. Look for inspiration but do not copy a design. Once you had your card intact, your next move is to make it on a graphic editor software like Illustrator. Though you can use other software for your ID card, Adobe Illustrator is the most versatile software that you can use.

3. Choose a modern ID card template

Regardless of your design knowledge, you still can ace making an ID card. If you don't want to have a hard time trying to figure out where to start, use an ID card template. Having a template on hand will make your task more convenient. Though you can make an ID card from scratch, using a template will give you a head start.

4. Start filling the template

If you already downloaded a template for an ID card, you can start filling it in with essential details. Include the following on your ID card: header, logo, name of the holder, ID card number, a photo of the holder, contact details, location, and signature. Also, include the date of validity of the card.

5. Print your ID in PVC card

As you finish the ID card, print it on a PVC card. The reason IDs are painted on PVC because if it is printed on a regular type of paper, it will not last long. Printing your ID on the PVC card will keep it in shape for a long time.