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How To Create An ID Card In Pages

Having an ID card is a must. ID cards are useful in verifying whether the person is, indeed who he/she claims. ID cards usually contain the portrait of the holder, his/her complete name, holder's address, terms and conditions, and the name of the organization who issued the identification card. However, you cannot just create an ID card on your own. ID cards need to be issued by organizations, businesses, schools, or governments.

If you are in an industry where you are assigned to create a legitimate identity card, you would want to learn how to create one. Just follow the guidelines below to aid you in your ID card-making process.

1. Choose A Program

The first step in making an ID card is to choose a suitable design program. Now, if you are a Mac user and do not have any background in making graphic designs, you better use Apple Pages instead. Avoid the hassle of ID card-making on complex design programs. Apple Pages is a good enough program that allows you to build an identification card easily. By utilizing its creative tools— that you can easily manipulate— you'll still be able to achieve the best outcome.

2. Decide On The Type Of ID Card

You need to decide what type of ID card are you going to make. Is it an employee ID card? Corporate ID card? School ID card? Hospital ID card? Or office ID card? Another question to ask when making your ID card, is it going to be displayed in vertical or horizontal? By identifying the type of card you're going to make, you can smoothly design your ID card.

3. Brainstorm A Design

An ID card may be used in the identification of a person, but you need to put some design on it to give it life. The design needs to be right for the type of ID card you're making. Choose pleasing color schemes to give it a look of professionalism and readable fonts. You can use company colors for your blank ID card to better represent that the ID cardholder is an employee or a student of the said organization.

4. Download A Template

If you're having a hard time with the overall design of your ID card, you can browse from our collection of templates above. When you download our templates we assure you that you will experience convenience in the customization of its pre-made design. The simple ID card templates are created to better represent the brand image of your organization, business, school, etc. Download one of our high-quality and fully customizable identification card templates now and keep it forever.

5. Place All Data

You're almost done, all you need to do now is to input all the necessary information to the photo ID card template. If you haven't noticed, the different types of ID card templates cater to different information. The data to input on your ID card is usually the name of the establishment and logo, the complete name of the holder, his/her portrait, his/her birthday, his/her contact information, the ID number, and signature. However, some establishments add a security detail to the ID card like a bar code, QR code, holographic overlays, or magnetic stripes because according to Javelin Strategy, around 14.4 million were a victim of fraud during 2018.