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How To Make An ID Card In Microsoft Publisher?

Identification card (ID) is a type of personal or business card that embodies information and photo of an individual for recognition. It is usually made to classify and signify that a person or group of people has an affiliation with a company, school, or organization. To make one, it must not be tedious and complicated. Well, if you are planning to make one, you are lucky as this website will provide you simple tips in making a personal or business ID card.

1. Plan Your ID Card

Before anything else, planning for your ID card is a must. Making a plan for your ID card is essential if you want to make your ID card smoothly and without fuss. Contemplate as to why you are making a card, to whom will you produce, and the quantity to be provided. Are you making an ID card for a conference at your local church? Are you making it for your students or employees? Are you mass producing it? Then decide, are you going to use bar codes, magnetic strips, or ID numbers that will give uniqueness to your ID card.

2. Include Design Factors

With your design, it must complement with its usage. As obvious as it may seem, but a common mistake that others commit is that they will incorporate a design element that is not relevant to the ID card. If you tend to make a visitor ID card, then you can design it freely and accordingly to your preference or your company's preference. But if you are making a school ID card, then you need to make sure that you are following protocols in designing school ID cards. It must be standard-based and authenticated as according to study, a school ID card is more likely prone to identity theft. Follow the company, school, or organization prescribed design with its corresponding logo. Afterward, decide whether you will have it vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) form.

3. Indicate Important Information

After the design, you can now insert the information on your ID card. If you are mass producing ID cards, then you need a checklist of the data of each holder of the ID card. If you are making it personally, be as detailed as possible. You need to indicate your company, school or organization's name, logo, a photo of the person (except for visitor ID card), holder's name, position, ID number, bar code or magnetic strip, contact information in case of emergency, websites, and terms and conditions.

4. Get Things Together

After everything, you can now get things together. If you do not want to start from a blank canvass, then you can download one of our ID card templates. With its versatile feature, you need not worry about the totality of your ID card. In fact, it is easily editable in Microsoft Publisher and any other file formats accessible to you. Then, if you utilize our templates, you can now print it in the right printing stock for ID cards.