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What Is a Service ID Card?

A service ID card or service identification card is a card used to verify a person that gives services. Services such as cleaning services, catering services, valet services, delivery services, police services, and even dog services, require service ID cards. The service ID cards serve as a verification to the staff or personnel. It is an indication that they are indeed a person to trust in regards to the service.

How to Make a Service ID Card?

Employees and staffs need a service ID card to help consumers validate their identification. It serves as proof of their needed person. Even a service dog requires a service dog ID card to verify its service. Otherwise, the dog might not be suitable to do the service. Here are some helpful steps in making a service ID card.

1. Know the Purpose

The whole purpose of having a service ID is to prove that you are the person that they are looking for. So study the kind of service/s that you are offering. You have to know the purpose behind the printable ID card and see the purpose of the company's services. This way, you can determine the use of the service ID card.

2. Decide the Design

Choose a concept to go for making an creative ID card. You can use the typical traditional design, or you can go for a modern touch. You can refer to samples online, or you can download a template in Be creative in thinking of the designs. Plan the background and the colors for the identification card. Make it relevant to the company as well. Use colors that show the branding of the company.

3. Start Layouting

Open your trusted ID card maker. You can utilize MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Publisher, etc. to start the ID card. Choose the perfect size for your ID. It varies to your favor, but the standard size for ID cards is 3.370 in x 2.125 in. Decide the format orientation also. You can put it in portrait or landscape format.

4. Design the ID Card

Start designing the ID card. Start with the background. You can use any background picture or color as long as the words masked above it are still visible and apparent. For better relevance, you can put the working place as a background. If it's a school, then you can set the school campus as a background. Put your planned designs into the card maker. What you need to prevent is to make the design too much. Avoid unnecessary colors and patterns if there is. Make it as simple as possible. What matters more are the pieces of information inside.

5. Insert the Information

It's time to put the necessary information about the person. Insert the company logo, name and the address. The company information helps verify that the employee does work in that specific company. Next is the primary purpose of the ID. Insert the main information of the individual. In the front page, place the staff's name, position, signature, and his or her portrait. In the back portion, put the address, contact information, blood-type, and contact information of someone close in case of emergency. Also, put the terms and condition too.

6. Finalize the ID Card

Review the information and make sure that everything is correct and set in the right places. After that, save the ID card and print.