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How to Make an ID Card in Microsoft Word?

An identification card is a significant document that helps in confirming someone’s identity. It is primarily used in business establishments, academic institutions, government services transactions, banks, and more. It is of different kinds according to use such as a company id, membership id, school id, etc.

Hence, we present you some tips and guidelines that will help you in creating a flawless id card in Microsoft Word.

1. Gather Some Data

The first step you have to take is to gather the necessary details for the creation of your id because the card design can be done easily, but your craft will not be completed if it does not have content. That said, start getting the details and list them orderly. Ensure that each of the information is listed carefully in order to avoid messing up your work.

2. Make a Plan

Planning is necessary because it helps in making your task easier. Furthermore, decide what strategy should you use in crafting the identification card. Should you create all the layouts first, and then write the contents afterward? Or should you do the format and immediately put the content one by one? You are given the freedom to choose, all you have to make sure is to select what works best and is beneficial.

3. Start the Actual Work

Since you already gathered the data and have made a plan, the next thing you should do is to construct. First, select a template. There are a wide variety of ID card templates available, all you have to do is to pick the one the best suits your preference. Afterward, determine the size and orientation of your card. Then, get down to designing. In order to come up with the perfect id card design, you have to maintain accuracy and relevance. That said, use a combination that is related to your establishment, fonts that are formal and not too fancy, plain lines – if you want to use a blank for the signature, and other design components.

4. Add the Content

Do not forget to put the content of your id cards. The important information to be added is the following: your establishment’s name, logo, address, and contact details; the complete name of the holder; the image of the owner; his/her position; the owner’s date of birth; the holder’s contact information; his/her guardian or trusted person to contact in case of emergency; the id number; and blank for the signature, but you can also put the actual signature using a scanner. Make sure that the details that you are entering are correct because this kind of document is important; hence, the result should be spot-on.

5. Include Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are essential because it gives you total control on that document. You can set the rules and limitations for the id cardholder to follow.

6. Proofread

It cannot be avoided to commit mistakes. Therefore, double-check your work before printing it. In that case, you can guarantee that your id card/s are error-free and are ready for production.

7. Save then Print

Make use of the software application that you are using, Microsoft Word in particular. Save your document before printing so that you can have a soft copy of your work. All you have to do is to click on the file button and hit “save”. Afterward, you can print them by pressing control and P or just click the print that is in the file button. Moreover, use an appropriate printing material such as PVC or a high-quality paper to achieve the best result.