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How to Create an Invitation in InDesign?

An invitation is a verbal or written request requesting someone to attend a particular event in a specific place. Usually, a verbal invitation is abundant, but a written one would give the formality and eligibility. To make one, it would be a hassle if you hire someone to do it for you. Instead, you can personally make it so it would be relatable and be more personal. Maybe you will get there! But for now, try using Apple InDesign as your application for editing your sample invitation. Well, are you interested in making one? Here are helpful tips that you can consider in making your invitation.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme that would go with your event. It would be a significant factor to attract your guests and would consider going to your event. For instance, you cannot use dark colors like black or brown for your invitation for the wedding. Instead, pick a color scheme that would fit your motif and stick with it. If you plan on making an invitation for a baby shower, you can use color pink if it is a baby girl and blue if it is a baby boy. For other invitations like a birthday party, you can complement contrasting colors and look for a color that is opposite on the color wheel.

2. Combine Different Complementing Fonts

A simple invitation is where you can unleash your inner creativity without limitations. Choosing the right font would give your invitation a touch of professionalism. To give your invitation a variety, you can mix and match different fonts that are suitable for your motif or theme. If you are unsure, you can use playful fonts in the header and subheads and use plain font for the body. Also, to make your text pop, you can make use of a color filter. It would help your text stands out without obscuring the background.

3. Make an Eyecatching Header

The easiest way to make an effective modern invitation is to create an eyecatching and alluring header. You can use a photo that would stand out to be your header. For instance, you can make use of a sample photo of a birthday hat with sprinkles as a background for a children's birthday party.

4. Organize the Content of the Invitation

One of the essential parts of an event invitation is the body or the content. To achieve a balanced and eligible invitation, you can split your invitation into two columns. You can insert an image on one side and the event details with a color block background on the other. It would work well with a landscape orientation.

5. Think Outside the Box

For the overall design of your party invitation, the possibilities are limitless. A classic would not go out of style, but if you want your invitation to stand out, you can brainstorm design ideas or look through the internet for samples. For instance, you can make use of a house-shaped invitation for your own invitation for home. You can also add a simple color for your border. If your invitation highlights one image, you can make use of a color relatable to it.