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How to Create Elegant Invitations in Apple Pages?

Basically, invitations are used to invite a group or individual to participate in important life events or significant gatherings. There are different kinds of invitations according to events such as wedding invitations for marriage ceremonies, baby shower invitations for the celebration of expected child delivery, save the date invitations for a future wedding with an undecided date yet, and more. Moreover, you have to create an invitation that is captivating and attractive to persuade your guests to attend to your event.

If you're looking for guidelines for invitations that will tell you how to make them in Apple Pages, then the following steps will teach you what you need to know:

1. Create with Purpose

There is a wide variety of invitations out there waiting to be crafted hence, you have to determine the purpose of your craft first before you take the next step. In that case, you can sort things out such as the appropriate design components to use and message to write. Your purpose can be any of the following: creating graduation invitations for a graduation ceremony of a sibling; making bridal shower invitations for the upcoming wedding of your aunt; and more.

2. Narrow it Down

Christmas, weddings, baptisms, etc. are such generic events to tackle; therefore, you need to be specific in order to achieve the best outcome. That said, think of possible themes for your event. When making birthday invitations, for example, there are a lot of motifs available such as a beach party, slumber party, superhero-themed party, etc. All you have to do is to select the theme that suits your preference and make sure that your layout will be in line with it.

3. Generate a Plan

Since you already have a purpose and motif, the next thing you need to do is to plan. Planning is essential because it can make your work faster and more organized. Also, you will have the time to think and consider the dos and don'ts and pros and cons. For example, the event is a destination wedding. However, it has been founded that more than half of the invited guests refuse to attend. 55% said that it is inconsiderate to conduct the ceremony away from home. 70% stated that it costs too much. There are 41% muttered that it needed getting time off their jobs, and 34% stated that it is time-consuming. That said, you have to consider your attendee's situations and opinions regarding your event for it to be successful.

4. Begin Designing

There are a lot of templates available for you to use; thus, choose the best invitation card template to use for your party invitations or such. Afterward, determine the size —such as 4x6 inches or 5x7 inches plus bleed, and the orientation, like or landscape or portrait, choose appropriately. Moreover, use colors that blend well together, eye-catchy fonts, elegant borders, and more. Make sure to stick to your theme in order to avoid confusion and dissatisfaction.

5. Enter the Content

Carefully write the essential details of your sample invitations. The said details include the following: title of event; the name of the celebrant/s; time and date; name and address of the venue; brief explanation about the activity; dress code; call to action; and more. Ensure that every piece of information is written clearly and accurately.

6. Save, Print, and Send

Utilize your software application — Apple Pages — and save your document. Afterward, print your craft into a high-quality paper so that the quality will not be compromised or ruined. Furthermore, send your invitations in ways that you think is effective and convenient.