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How to Create an Invitation in Microsoft Publisher

Event gatherings are filled with people that want to celebrate life and love. These events are also filled with food and good entertainment. If you are planning to throw a special event for your friend's golden wedding anniversary or your special someone's birthday dinner, start planning and writing all your needs.

Also, start creating an enticing invitation to be sent out to your prospect guests and visitors. An event invitation is a formal and written request sent by a person to a possible guest to ask for attendance and participation. These events can be formal and informal in nature. Formal events include corporate events, business dinners, conferences, and the like. While informal or personal events are birthdays, slumber parties, baptism, engagement parties, and others. So when you need to make invitations for any of those mentioned via Microsoft Publisher, then here are a few tips that will teach you how to do so.

1. Draw in a Design Inspiration

Event invitations are sent to announce a gathering, to confirm attendance from the guests, or to set the mood of the upcoming event. Creativity must be exercised and executed when making any modern invitation, be it for professional or personal purposes. Draw in design inspiration for your invitation and relate it to the occasion and nature of the event. Start your research and list down or download all the designs you found from online and offline resources.

2. Choose a Fitting Layout

Measure the dimensions and choose the invitation size. Depending on the occasion, invitation layout and sizes can vary. Please consult an invitation card sizing chart to help you determine the correct size for your blank invitation. The most common invitation card sizes are as follows: 5 x 7 inches, 5 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches, and 6 ½ x 8 ¾ inches. Measure correctly so that all of your planned design elements will have allocated space on the invitation.

3. Collect All the Event and Occasion Details

It's a must to collect all the necessary information so that you can come up with a complete invitation. List down the time, place, and other details so that you'll have everything accounted for once you start placing the designs and text. It's also good that you indicate in the event rules about the dress code or costume requirement, what to bring, and even the parking mechanics. Add in some extra features in your invitation by placing the guest's names. As the designer, you have the freedom to add in some personal touches like pictures of the celebrants. Know that you can always check out sample invitations so that you'll have an idea as to what you should place in yours.

4. Start Designing the Invitation through Publisher

Start with a clean blank slate and slowly work your way up with the design. With Publisher's available editing format, you can easily make a creative invitation that will excite the guests. Invitations have varying designs depending on the celebration. Place your design inspiration and the correct graphic elements. The color scheme must be carefully calibrated so that every design element follows a particular color combination. If you opt to use a border, make sure the lines still promotes a good flow of the content. Also, pick out at least three font styles for the text and content. Arrange everything logically and create visual harmony.

5. Use the Best Cardstock when Printing

Complete the task and review the overall appearance and content of the simple invitation. After a careful review, finalize everything then proceed to print. Upon printing, use high-quality paper stocks to arrive at pleasing results. After you have printed out everything, it's time to send the invitations and disseminate the information