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How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. It also serves as a very important role in a business's financial accounting system as it keeps a record of sales as well as keeps track of employees who generate sales and the product they sell. Invoices vary depending on the following purposes: sales invoice, contractor invoice, service invoice, hourly invoice, DJ invoice, and so on. In making an invoice, Google Docs is the best option you have. You don't know how? Well, we have provided steps on how to make an invoice in Google Docs.

1. Create Your Professional Invoice

According to, professionalism can benefit a company's reputation, morale, and success. Put your company's invoice together. You should use professional fonts and styles that match your brand and add your logo if possible.

2. Clearly Write Your Invoice

Make sure that your recipient knows that what you sent is an accounting invoice. Adding the word invoice at the top of your document will be a big factor for you to be likely paid because According to EXIM (Export-Import Bank of the United States), 60% of invoices are paid late. It distinguishes as to how urgent you want the invoice to be paid. An invoice also has its own identification number for record-keeping and to avoid duplicates.

3. Indicate Company Name and Information

Your repair invoice must contain the company's name, address, and contact number. Also, indicate the recipient's company name and address and the contact info of the receiver. If you are part of a limited company or self-employed, indicate your registered office address and company registration number along with the formally registered name.

4. Write the Goods and Services You're Charging For

Detailed information about what the customers are paying for must be indicated in the invoice. The best way to do this is to encode your word on a writing format like Google Docs so you can save it and keep track of extra necessary details. Google Docs is a wonderful format because it is accessible and easy to use. In instances that you did not put the information, the case would be the payment will be delayed. After the description, add the price of each item listed on the invoice.

5. Indicate Dates

Add the important dates in your purchase or sales invoice. The dates must be the date you provided the goods and services and the date you created the invoice. It's better for the customer to be informed on the time frame for them to be aware as to when the payment will occur.

6. Total the Money Involved

After listing the prices of goods or services, make sure to put the total amount of the products. If you agreed to a certain discount, indicate it at the bottom and deduct it to the total cost. Include the value-added tax (VAT) if applicable.

7. State the Payment Terms

Note the payment terms that you and your client agreed upon. If you are expecting payment to arrive a couple of days later, remind them through writing it in your simple invoice. If you have a specific term and schedule of payment, indicate it in the invoice. If it is through bank transfer, make sure to put your bank information.