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What is an Invoice?

An invoice is proof of a transaction between the buyer and the seller. This is not to be confused with a receipt as an invoice is made before the payment. In simpler terms, it is sent to the buyer as a "confirmation" of his or her order. It consists of the products, prices, and the total amount of products. There are varieties of invoices such as a Graphic Design invoice, Basic invoice, Personal invoice, Travel invoice, and many others. Almost all invoices are dissimilar because they all vary in design. 

How to Create a Clutter-free Invoice

According to a survey from HubSpot Research, 27% of small to average businesses find it hard to make and consign invoices. This can be a serious problem since invoices are essential to business regardless of how small it is. To assist in making one, there are several free invoice templates and invoice generator available online. We offer tips as well if you want to formulate your own. 

1. Use Adobe Indesign

If you want to create your own invoice, a program such as Adobe InDesign will help you do so. It has different tools to help you construct your ideal invoice. Explore the program to help you create your ideal invoice. 

2. Search for Invoice Templates Online

If you find Adobe InDesign hard to navigate around, you can alternatively search for sample templates online. These are intentionally made blank for you so you can input the necessary information. You can opt to use simple and creative invoices which are available online as well. 

3. Formulate Your Own Invoicing Policies

Having your own invoicing policies can serve as your protection against erring customers. Remember to send your invoices on time for you to be paid on time as well. One policy that you can impose is the addition of interest for delayed payments.

4. Welcome Different Payment Types

In today's generation, different payment types are made for the convenience of individuals. Such examples are PayMaya, Gcash, and many more. Some of the late payments are caused by the unavailability of certain payment types so try to be open as much as possible. Your openness to different payment types will attract more customers because they will be spared of whatever type of payment they think is a hassle.  

5. Generate A Unique Numbering to Your Invoices 

This unique numbering will help you track your invoice. You can use a number generator to help you out with this. By the use of unique numbering, it can help you track neglected invoices by your customers and add the corresponding surcharges to their payments.

6. Incorporate Your Contact Details

Don't forget to include your contact details in case your customer has questions regarding your transaction. These are your contact number and email address. Place them on top of the page so your customers can easily see it. If you forget to do so, it might be another reason for possible delayed payment because your customers cannot reach you.