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How to Make a Letterhead in Illustrator

A letterhead is a physical representation of the company. It says a lot about the identity of your brand especially when it comes to business. Letterheads are regarded as an important aspect of the marketing strategy of the company because it provides legitimacy and shows professionalism. Letterheads are commonly used by small to large scale businesses. It usually consists of a name and an address, corporate or logo design, and sometimes a background pattern.

In an article written by Matt Mansfield for, one of the top ten causes as to why many small businesses fail is because of poor quality marketing. Successfully advertise your brand by creating a business or corporate letterhead in PSD, InDesign or for best results, in Adobe Illustrator. The good thing about editing it in Adobe Illustrator is because this tool is fully equipped with a wide variety of graphics in making logos and detailed illustrations which are very helpful in perfecting an artistic approach to your letterheads. No need for you to render the services of a graphics designer because Illustrator has got everything covered. We have provided a simple how-to guide for making a fancy letterhead.

1. Sketch your Letterhead Layout

In an article written by Karin McGinnis for MN History Magazine, she stated that letterheads are one of the first expenditures of a fledgling commercial enterprise. It is a symbol of being ready to do business. And the best way to start making that winning business letterhead is to sketch everything out. This way you will have a clearer view of how you can fit every piece of detail together. Draw a sketch of your letterhead stationery design with all the necessary details needed in a clean piece of paper.

2. Choose the Right Details

Consider putting details that are only necessary for your letterhead and business stationery design. Avoid overcrowding with irrelevant information that is not needed. Remember that the letterhead is the first thing that people will notice in a document, so make sure that all the provided details are factual and timely.

3. Use Hierarchy in the Design

The critical pieces of data that your letterhead design conveys should be decided well. Highlight only the most important key information such as the company name, email address and telephone number. While the less significant data may be reduced in size and moved away in a less conspicuous area.

4. Represent the Brand

Make sure that your letterhead matches well with the branding of your business. As much as possible, use font colors, color schemes, and images that would compliment your brand well. Remember that your letterheads are just like your business cards, they also give image and identity to your company. So it is important that you associate it well with your brand.

5. Align and Position the Details

Make sure to arrange and organize every single piece of detail in your business letterhead. This is done to ensure that your letterhead looks more professional and convincing. Observe balance in arranging them. You may follow a prescribed format in doing so in order to attain parallelism in your letterhead.