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How to Create an Excellent Letterhead

Letterheads are part of your business's branding. So make sure it has to be unique and artistic. Follow these basic and comprehensive points in creating an excellent letterhead for your papers.

1. Simplicity Is Quality

As much as possible, keep it clean and minimal. Your letterhead should not demand the readers' full attention all the time. You must keep in mind that your letterhead should only support your primary content, which is the body of the paper. Let the letterheads do the catching of more attention and guide your readers to your paper's content, and that is it! Do not outshine your primary goal of delivering the content of the paper by your letterhead.

2. Have Its Structure Well-Organized

You can be creative in making a letterhead, but make sure it is well-organized. Letterheads can be composed of your business logo, slogan, and even background with a color. But make sure it is in an orderly hierarchy so you will not end up with an unprofessional one. Bad or poorly organized letterheads can lose your content's or even your business's credibility. Have your letterhead be reviewed after creating it so you can configure what to maintain and change right away before printing and making use of it.

3. Make Sure It Represents Your Business's Brand

Choose the right color scheme, font, and images that are highly relevant and related to your business. Your business branding must be incorporated accordingly with the design and style of your letterhead. There can be a misconception and confusion if your letterhead is not in accordance with the business it is depicting. As a piece of advice from our experts, use colors sparingly. 

4. Appropriate Alignment and Positioning

Your letterhead must not cross the boundaries between your content. Texts, shapes, margin, and indentions should be in equilibrium for a more professional and neat look. Leave a major negative or white space around the letterhead area. As psychological fact states, white space makes an art pleasing, and a letterhead is a form of art. So make it pleasing by providing adequate white space. Making use of the whole space for your letterhead's layout is not necessary and is not recommended. Have it geometrically balanced.

5. Choose Your Software

You do not need to work in advanced editing software. Pushing yourself to work on these software without having the skills and experiences it requires can just make you waste your time. It will be stressful for you to do an excellent letterhead in an editing software you do not fully know to begin with. If you are only familiar with Apple Pages, do your letterhead through it. Our letterhead templates are excellently compatible with Apple Pages for your convenience. Make your letterhead in Apple Pages now.