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How to Create a Letterhead in Adobe Photoshop

As a letter sender, maybe on email or snail mail style, your first priority is to make sure that your letter is presentable upon arriving at your desired recipient. A simple letterhead already covers vital information about your company. That is why when you are sending a letter, you are already establishing a connection, especially if you are in the business or professional scene. Studies show that email is the third most influential source for the B2B (business-to-business) market.

Whether you are creating own business letterhead, creative letterhead, or corporate letterhead, you have to make sure that you create an impression. Good thing that you've come to the right site. We cater you to a variety of letterhead templates to choose on and we offer you some tips that can help you create one.

1. Sketch the Layout

Before you design your small business letterhead layout, you have to make sure that all of the design elements would fit in. One great way to do that is to sketch it in a blank paper. Determine the actual size that you want for your letterhead. The standard allotted size for the company letterhead for letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280mm) and A4 (210 mm xx 297mm). Make sure to estimate the size number!

2. Determine Your Color Scheme

Part of the design element that your letterhead must have is the color scheme. If you want to put design objects on your letterhead, make sure to pick the right color that you want to inject in your design. You can follow or benchmark the color of your business logo that you want to. Just make sure that the consistency and balance of your layout are present.

3. Use the Best Font

Choosing the right font for your printable letterhead plays a big role. You have also to make sure that the font you are using is readable to your recipients. Don't focus too much on the aesthetic side. This is the common mistake especially if it is your first time creating layouts. It is best if you choose a type font that is simple and readable (e.g. sans-serif fonts).

4. Review the Details

The primary use of your letterhead is to inform your recipient about what your specific company is and what it offers. Therefore, letterhead templates also act as marketing templates. Make sure to include all the necessary details. Details such as company name, address, e-mail address and contact number. These are the most important part that the letterhead should have.

5. Utilize a Tool That Fits You

There are multiple design applications in the market wherein you can edit and create your own letterhead. If you have downloaded letterhead templates in PSD file format, Adobe Photoshop is the right application for you. Adobe Photoshop offers you a wide variety of design tools that is essential for your editing style. Photoshop also offers user-friendly features, so this tool best fits for a beginner.