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How to Make a Letterhead in Publisher

A letterhead is a specific heading format that is used by many companies and organizations as their formal indication. It is one of the most important things when you establish an identity for your company or organization. It usually consists of the name of the registered corporate, the official logo, main address, contacts or even a background pattern.

A letterhead is mainly used for official documents and formal correspondences. It is imprinted in a whole sheet paper designed mainly in the heading, with a matching envelope. Some would even consider having a business card with the company's letterhead on it.

Worry about investing a lot of money for a professional graphic designer to do your company's letterhead job? Do not stress out because Microsoft Publisher is here to help you. You can now prepare a formal non-profit letterhead in Publisher for your appropriate use! We have provided you procedures on how to make a letterhead.

1. Draft your Letterhead Layout

Writing the first draft is a very important stage in the writing process. It provides the chance to meld thoughts together and to further develop more ideas. Before you are going to start your letterhead in MS Publisher, you can make a draft of your printable letterhead layout on a sheet of paper. Sketch everything in place. Make sure to include your company's logo, name, specific address, and any other necessary contact information. You can also include a tag line if you want to.

2. Consider your Designs Carefully

If your draft is ready, you can now input your layout in MS Publisher. Your designs must be accompanied by using high-quality images for your logo to formally indicate your company clearly in the letterhead design and by using simple yet modern fonts that are readable. Everything must be designed professionally and refined. As stated from, a sense of professionalism can be heightened by the right arrangement of a letterhead.

3. Pick your Header Style

In MS Publisher, consider your desired header style. You can choose different header styles in MS Publisher. Make sure to pick a traditional yet elegant header to look professional. Your header must include the name of your company, logo, or tagline if you have one. Make sure to leave enough space to write in the middle.

4. Work on your Footer

When you are done with your header, you can start customizing your footer. Your footer must contain the same background as your header. In this section, you can add the name of your company, together with the company's address and contact information. Make your designs consistent as much as possible. As mentioned in step 3, make sure to leave enough space to write salient messages.

5. Save your Letterhead

If everything is being provided completely, save your business letterhead in a ".pub" format for your future changes and uses. Set your letterhead in various corporate paper sizes such as 8.5x11 and A4. You can also save some letterheads for business cards, envelopes, and other business uses.

6. Print on Quality Paper

When you print your letterheads, make sure to use high-quality papers to impress customers. Letterheads printed on high-quality paper are more attractive and striking. Matching business envelopes should also be of the same quality. The same site also stated to consider color printing since it reflects your company brand's personality.