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What is a Letter?

A letter can be any digital or printed document that consists of information that one individual is willing to share with another. Know that there are many different kinds of letters that can be created to the point where each of them has its own specific purpose.

Also, the style in which a letter is to be written will depend entirely on the relationship between the sender and the recipient. This means that the tone can either be formal or casual. Should you ever find yourself in a situation wherein sending a letter is your only means of communication, then be sure that it's able to properly convey whatever message you wish to share.

How to Make a Letter in Google Docs

1. Start By Accessing Google Docs

You can do this by opening up your Gmail account via Google's main site. Once you are in, you simply need to click on "Docs" and then decide if you want to start via a blank document or if you want to use a letter template. Know that you can use whatever template you've downloaded so long as it's compatible with the web-based application.

2. Provide Your Basic Information

The recipient must know exactly who the printed letter is from. So what you will need to do here is to put in the sender's complete name and address. There are some instances wherein you may need to include the sender's contact details as well as his/her job position title. Be sure to know if whether or not they need to be added.

3. Place The Date

A letter must always contain the date in which it was made. This piece of information is especially important for letters of recommendation, letters of intent or any letter wherein the recipient must keep track as to when he/she received the information. Be sure to put in the month, day, and year when writing it down into the letter.

4. Provide Information On The Recipient

You must do this to ensure that the personal or business letter makes to the right individual or business. Much like when providing the sender's information, you simply need to place the complete name and address of the recipient. Again, depending on the letter, you may also need to include additional information such as the name of the company the recipient works for and his/her job position title.

5. Properly Greet The Recipient

Every letter has to start with a proper greeting. Remember that the tone will depend on your relationship with the recipient as well as the type of letter that you are going to create. Know that you will always need to address the recipient with either "Mr." or "Ms." followed by his/her last name if you want it to be professional. Also, stick to standard letter fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. If you wish to change fonts, then simply click on Format, select Paragraph Styles, select Update 'Normal text', and then go through Format and Paragraph Styles again to select options in order to save your default style. Don't forget that you can also add your official letterhead design.

6. Share Your Message

Here is where you'll be starting with the body of your letter. You will want to start out with a statement that explains the purpose of your letter. You must then proceed with point out whatever information is essential in conveying your message to the recipient. Include any necessary details such as dates, names of individuals, or even figures. Remember that the tone used in your greeting must carry all the way until the end of the printable letter.

7. Close The Letter Appropriately

Your final statements should be one that shows thanks to the recipient for going through your letter. There may be some instances wherein you will need to ask the recipient to respond to you as soon as possible or at his/her earliest convenience. If you need to do so, then include your contact details. Lastly, place your complete name and signature at the bottom to officially close the letter. You can save it from Google Docs to your computer by going to File, clicking on "Make a Copy", typing a name and choosing where to save it, and then by clicking on "Ok".