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How to Create a Logo

A simple logo translates into a big impact on your business or organization. For most of us, logos are just the immediate connection of a product directly into our minds. This concept is not wrong, but for some logos is more than just words and figures. Here's a fun fact, big companies spend and allocate millions of dollars per year solely on their logos. An example of this was mentioned in a published article by BBC, that way back in the year 2000, a UK oil group spent £136m only introducing its sunflower design. This goes to show that a logo is a real deal in an establishment. If you want to start crafting a logo of your own, below are the steps on how to successfully brand your business in the marketplace.

1. Conceptualize

One of the primary functions of a business logo is that it represents your product to your potential market. Before you start your actual designing stage, you need to come up first with a design business plan. List down the essential design elements: the shape, font, color, and images. The conceptualization stage serves as the foundation of everything. That is why you need to make it organized and efficient as much as possible.

2. Simplicity is the Key

Designing a logo takes too much of your brainstorming skills. Sometimes there are many elements and messages that we want to incorporate with our design. If your aim is to have a creative logo design in a professional set-up like a marketing logo or healthcare logo, make sure to have a minimal and simple approach in your design concept. Remember, the simpler, the better.

3. Establish Originality

Benchmarking a logo is okay, in fact, this is one way of helping you in creating. But, getting the exact detail of a logo from figure down to the font is another story. A successful logo must be coming to the right extensive research and target market analysis. If you are still struggling to come up with an idea, make sure to seek professional advice to the experts. Another aspect that you need to consider in your logo design is the long-term effect. Establish your own style. Make sure that your logo lasts!

4. Pick Your Tool

In picking the right tool, make sure that you are compatible with your chosen design application. In this case, Adobe Illustrator is the right tool must be used. Adobe Illustrator can help you with your graphic-driven project. It can give you new opened features that will surely give you your editing tools that are needed. Whether you are in for a vector logo or a 3D logo illustrator, Adobe Illustrator has got you covered.

5. Test Your Design

You have to test the water they say. One way of ensuring the effectivity of your sample logo design is to get feedback from your target market. Show your design to your ideal customer, conduct an observation study on to what are their approach to the logo. You can do this by asking them key questions. Make sure to gather your market's feedback. Your gathered information is essential to your future rebranding or in boosting brand recognition.