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What is a Maintenance Schedule?

A maintenance schedule is a list of regular maintenance actions you need to carry out in order to preserve the normal condition of a vehicle, machine, computer, or place. The primary objective of securing a maintenance schedule is to avoid any untoward incidents in the future which is caused by failing to check if a piece of equipment needs repair or replacement.

There are various types of maintenance namely corrective maintenance, predetermined maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

How to Create a Maintenance Schedule

how to create a maintenance schedule

Having a maintenance schedule will help you maintain the functionality of your equipment and ensure that everything is in its normal state. Whatever schedule you are planning to create, may it be an equipment maintenance schedule, car maintenance schedule, lawn maintenance schedule, preventive maintenance schedule, kitchen equipment maintenance schedule, etc., we have provided you with five easy ways on how to do so.

1. Do an Inventory

The first step to create a maintenance schedule is to prepare an inventory document. It is important that you know what equipment and/or appliances you have for you to know which ones you should check. Your inventory should include essential information such as the equipment’s description, function, and the frequency of its usage. For vehicle maintenance, you need to come up with a complete list of car parts which need to be checked on. Talking about cars, an article from Cable News Network says that last 2016, the sales for cars and trucks soared up to 17.6 million.

2. List Down Tasks

To ensure that all aspects are looked into and the devices are functioning optimally, make a maintenance checklist and write down tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis. Make sure that minor tasks are not overlooked for you to avoid problems in the long run. Note down what needs to be adjusted, repaired, replaced, and optimized. Also, it would be helpful if you provide procedures on how to do those tasks for it to be accomplished easily.

3. Set Due Dates

A work schedule would be of no use if you don’t specify when a task should be completed, which is why you should write down when you have to start doing a task and when is it supposed to be finished. This would serve as a guide for you to know what to do ahead of time. In setting due dates, also consider the amount of time you need to do a particular task. Moreover, you should figure out which things need to be prioritized or which ones need immediate action. You also have to determine the frequency of each task, do you have to do it weekly, monthly, or annually?

4. Assign People

Assigning people to do a particular job will increase productivity and will help make the work plans more feasible. It would greatly help if you assign people who know how to do that specific task to avoid failure.

5. Consult a Maintenance Technician if Needed

If there are things that are damaged, fix it before it’s too late. However, you don’t have to do it yourself, you may consult a maintenance technician if you deem it necessary. Usually, they possess a variety of skills such as carpentry, plumbing, electronics, hydraulics, and groundskeeping. And upon hiring them, make it a habit to prepare a maintenance agreement to define the scope of their responsibilities.