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How To Write a Winning Marketing Proposal

how to write a proposal

A marketing proposal is a document used among marketers to communicate a plan to a client for evaluation which may include strategic thoughts, delivery time frames, and estimated expenses before the conditions are finalized and an endorsement agreement is signed.

The marketing plan's main aim is to set the business plan on a particular marketing course. Thus, a marketing proposal is essential to your organization's success, whether it is to provide direction or boost revenue. But how are you going to write a winning marketing proposal? Here's how!

1. Be Client-Oriented

According to, being customer-focused is likely to make customers more interested in dealing with you. As a result, being customer-focused can help you improve your sales, business, and profits. Thus, let your client comprehend that you can learn how to deal with their requirements. You will want to detail previous successful projects comparable to theirs to highlight your value. Make a list of suggestions and bind each to an advantage that the customer will obtain if they choose your business.

2. Adhere To a Consistent Structure

The structure of your marketing proposal must include a statement of the problem, proposed solution and pricing information. Firstly, stating the problem aims to demonstrate to the client that you know the issue they want to tackle. Secondly, make a list of suggestions and bind each to an advantage that the customer will obtain if they choose your small business. Lastly, include your cost for each type of job and explain the information of your pricing structure and how you came up with the pricing you offered.

3. Make It Concise

Don't use jargon in making your proposal outline. Also, try to avoid using a very formal tone. After all, your client is a human being. That's why it's better to reach out to them nicely in simple terms. According to, if your writing is long-winded rather than concise, and you just go on and on rather than keep it short and sweet, you're going to bore or confuse your reader. As much as possible, try to be more thoughtful and careful in your word choice to sustain the readers' attention.

4. Write Down Objectives

Propose a fundamental marketing plan but don't overdo it. Try to share ideas with your target market on how you are better than your competitors and think about how to communicate with them.

5. Make a Proposal With Software

Use a particular software that accelerates the production process and enables you to partially automate marketing-related duties. You can also make your proposal in Google Docs for hassle-free editing.

6. Print Out Your Document

Lastly, print out your marketing proposals letter in a high technology color printer. If you're not satisfied with the result, try printing again until you think it's perfect enough to be distributed to your organization and investors. Take note to use the finest kinds of paper for printing pays. No matter what you print or how good your design is, your investment will be lost if you have a poor print job.