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What is a Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate, also known as the doctor's certificate, is a written certification or a medical report that is made by a licensed medical physician or other qualified health care associate which certifies the result of a medical examination of a patient or the diagnosis the patient has. In other words, it can serve as a medical note which verifies that an employee does not have the capacity to work or a student is not fit to go to school for the meantime.

According to most articles, medical certificates are often required to obtain some of the health benefits or for insurance claims. It is used to certify an exemption of activities, for instance, an athlete medical certificate which indicates that the person cannot play the sport or a student cannot join his or her P.E class for the meantime in some valid reasons. It is also used for job applications to attest the applicant if she or she is capable of the job. In addition, medical certificates are often used to certify that someone's health issues and evidence of a health condition.

How to Create a Medical Certificate

In making a medical certificate, you must consider that the contents must be unambiguous and clearly worded according to the specific purpose. Here are the following steps on how to create a medical certificate.

1. Choose a Certificate Design

As for starters, choose a certain certificate design for you to have a format of your certificate. You can download any of the printable medical certificate templates here at PRO or you can also make your own format. Choose a layout design that would organize the contents of the medical certificate easily.

2. Note All of the Information

The first step is to take note of all of the patient's information that you need to include in the medical certificate. Provide the basic details like the name of the patient, full address, name of the clinic or the hospital, doctor's name, and important dates. You must also provide the diagnosis and the actions done or the actions that must be done.

3. Provide Letterheads and Logos

Letterheads and logos are important for corporate identity most especially in law firms, factories, hospitals or clinics. Do not forget to provide the medical certificates with the hospital's or clinic's official letterhead design or if there isn't any, an official logo design is an alternative but even though there is an official letterhead, it is still important to provide the logo design. Make sure that these branding identity designs match the theme of your official medical document.

4. Review the Contents

If you are using a ready-to-use medical certificate template and you barely edited the contents, make sure to review the contents if everything is correct. Check all of the necessary information that you provided, check the spellings, as well as the letterheads and logos.

5. Add Signature Block Before Printing

If the contents are organized and correctly done, make sure to provide a signature block for you, as the medical physician or as the health care associate, to sign the whole medical certificate. This is to prove that every detail of the certificate is genuinely true and correct. According to a trusted source, since these are legal documents, they must comply with the local and state medical privacy laws to make it authorized. After that, you can print the medical certificate in a high-quality paper.