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How to Design a Birthday Menu in Illustrator

Whether you're cooking your birthday party food or hiring a catering service, a birthday menu is a nice touch to your party. In this case, you should know how to create a personalized menu. Provided below are some tips and tricks that you can refer to when creating a birthday menu:

1. Adhere to the Theme

Your birthday party can be on any theme that you want—beachy, garden, Disneyland, and so on. So long as you have concrete party ideas and have the means to execute them, then, you're good. Having a theme means that you need every material you use to embody it. When designing your menu, it is important to take into consideration the vibe you're trying to achieve. You need to add elements that will show off your theme to achieve a consistent overall look for your party. For example, when you're going for a garden theme, the artworks, illustrations, and overall layout of your menu should be refreshing, greenery, and floral.

2. Use Legible Font Styles

One of the most common problems, when you design your menu, is going overboard. It is important to remember to think like a professional designer. When choosing your font styles, it is best to choose typefaces that are closely related to your theme. For example, a garden theme will encourage you to use extra cursive, exaggerated calligraphy-like font styles. But this type of font may not be easily readable to your guests. That's why it is still best to use simple yet elegant font styles.

3. Create a Captivating Layout

The layout of your menu will determine its overall appearance. Creating a captivating layout means that you need to consider the amount of space you can only use. As a rule, it is important to leave out some white space to avoid overcrowding. You can create a good structure for your layout by using lines, shapes, borders, etc. You can also play with the shadows, color blending, transparency of the images, etc. to create a more appealing and impressive look for your menu.

4. Organize Your Content

A menu should be organized; it should present the chronological order when the meals are served. The appetizer should be the first item on the menu, followed by the main course, dessert, and so on. If your birthday party is not necessarily formal, then, your menu can list out the names of each dish you're serving. When listing the name of each dish, it is best to provide a brief description which includes the ingredients, cooking style used, and overall taste or experience. Remember that the organization of your content will depend on the setting; make sure to consider this first.

5. Use High-Quality Images

If you plan to use images or artworks in your menu, it is essential that you use high definition images. The quality of your output will be highly affected by the quality of your images; hence, the importance of using professionally taken images or professionally designed illustrations. If you don't have personal files for this, you can easily search the internet for royalty-free images and artworks.