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How to Make a Birthday Menu in Apple Pages

Since birthdays involve feasting, a well-written birthday party menu is indeed useful to inform the guests of the available food and drinks. Here, we've got guidelines to help you create stunning and catchy birthday menus by using Apple Pages.

1. Choose a particular type of food menu

There are actually numerous types of food menus that you can choose from, and they vary according to how the menu items are being listed or picked. Some of the most commonly used menu types include the a la carte, du jour, and the table d'hote. In most restaurants and cafes, they prefer to use a la carte menus since it allows customers to choose foods individually. For us, we would recommend that you also use this type for your birthday menu.

2. Think of a theme for your birthday menu

Birthday celebrations typically come with a theme, and your birthday menu should have one as well. When coming up with birthday ideas, your food menu's theme should match or at least add to the party's theme. For example, if you're planning to throw a formal birthday dinner, the theme of your food menu should also be formal and appropriate to the event.

3. Write a list of the party foods that will be served

Menu cards primarily consist of a list of the different dishes and beverages that are available at the moment, and this list usually involves being planned. In many cases, people would already start planning for the party foods while the party itself is being planned. However, there are also people who prefer to do it while they're making their menu, which is precisely what you're doing right now.

4. Present your list to the person celebrating their birthday

Unless you're the one celebrating their birthday, you should take into consideration the opinion of the birthday celebrant by having their review your initial food list. If the celebrant wishes to add or remove an entry from the list, try negotiating with them first before actually making the revisions. Alternatively, you can also gather suggestions from the people who are being invited but don't proceed to the next step without presenting your list to the birthday celebrant.

5. Create your birthday menu design using Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a simple and straightforward word processor that's found in all Apple computers and allows for easy writing of personalized documents. Launch Apple Pages, open a new document, and then write the content. If you wish to add elegant graphics to the design, feel free to do so but make sure it doesn't clutter the layout or cover the contents. Afterward, save your finished birthday menu in a shareable and printable file format.

6. Print your birthday menu cards

Some menu cards are printed on card stock while others are printed on special, thicker paper stock. Whichever material you wish to use, just make sure that it's durable and can withstand being passed along from person to person. If you prefer to print your birthday menus yourself, set your printer at the highest possible quality to ensure that the text is legible and the images stand out. However, you can also have it printed by professionals to save you the stress.