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How to Create a Food Menu in Illustrator

Whether you’re going to a Mexican restaurant or Indian restaurant, the crew will always give you their food menu for you to choose the food you wanted to eat. Be it in a hotel restaurant or a fast-food restaurant around the corner, a food menu is considered to have a list of food and drinks or a recipe with their corresponding prices.

Two general types of food menu are considered: (1) à la carte; and, (2) table d'hôte.

Statistics show that there are about 45% of diners who go out and eat a lot of times in a week, and another 20% go out to eat in a restaurant for at least once a week. Furthermore, in western countries like the US, consumers spend 12.6% of their income on food. That fact alone gives us an idea of how many diners are we going to expect especially in an event like a birthday or a wedding.

Thus, you really need to have a simple yet fancy food menus in your restaurants. In that case, we will provide you tips on how to be creative with your design in making a food menu through our food menu templates available in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Good Menu Reflects Success

Remember that your restaurant works include obtaining the raw materials, cooking, and servicing, all are based on the menu you provided. All these things should reflect the restaurant’s business policy. When a good menu is achieved; therefore, your business is successful.

2. Good Quality Menu Marks Good Business Standard

Everything on the menu marks the characteristics of the dishes and the qualities of the food and beverages. If possible, you may write in detail the raw materials, techniques, and cooking methods. This will give your customers or guests the best impression and will convey them the special characteristics of your business.

3. Good Menu Means Good Communication

A restaurant’s menu is considered to be a communicating tool between the crew and the customer. The consumer chooses the food while the crew lists all the food or drinks that the customer chooses. When both parties started talking through the menu provided, information is clearly communicated. Remember, a good menu means good communication.

4. Good Menu Involves Research

Like good writing reflects good research, a good menu may also reveal good research from your cuisine researcher. You should study the likes and dislikes of your guests. Research is a way to improve the quality of the food and services of your restaurant. It won’t hurt to know a little from your customers like their tastes, hobbies, and likes.

5. Good Menu Promotes Your Business

Remember that your main advertising tool is your menu. Your menu says a lot about your business. A beautifully designed menu would definitely enhance the dining mood and it reflects so much about your business. Hotel restaurants, for example, make elegant and fancy food menus to accommodate the ambiance of the hotel. As for you, make them impress with your business through your menu.