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How to Make a Menu in MS Publisher?

Just like flyers and brochures— menus are another marketing tool that food businesses must master to gain customers. The actual meal may have a huge factor in selling, but it is the menu that appeals to the potential consumers to order. There are psychological tricks for a restaurant menu to be an influence of the customer's choice. It explains how a simple dollar sign can affect a person's option. With that, here are some helpful steps in making a menu in MS Publisher.

1. Choose a Concept

Each restaurant has its very own themes and concepts that distinguish them from the other competitors. What you need to do is to choose one that you can excellently deliver and offer. You can go for either French coffee shops, simple chicken joints, or a dark-themed alcohol bar. There is a variety of options that you can choose depending on what you can serve in their plates and the feeling that they get when they enter your store. You can refer to leading companies for inspiration, just like Starbucks, KFC, Taco Bell, and any other brands that you consider successful.

2. List the Foods with the Prices

In the psychological tricks of menus, the number of foods on the menu impacts the customer's favor. It says that the more choices the restaurant menu offers, the more the consumers feel anxious about choosing their preferred food. That is the reason why it is essential to plan your list of food thoroughly. Make a meticulous list of your offered burgers, cakes, pizzas, cocktails, or any meal that you provide. You also need to specify which category the foods fall under— either breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, appetizer, beverage or any section that you have. After that, write the price beside the particular food. The rates must remain reasonable; you do not want to overprice and cheat on your customers.

3. Pick Some Specialties

Each restaurant menu offers specialties or best-sellers that people can count on when in trouble of choosing the right food. It also becomes the place's marketing strategy to gain potential customers. The specialty helps in distinguishing what the specific restaurant is famous for and what the public can expect when they enter the diner. So, pick some specialties that you are sure of making to perfection.

4. Take Appetizing Pictures

One of the significant parts of the menu is the photographs of the foods that the consumer refers to when they order. When your food pictures are appealing and appetizing, the customers have a higher probability of buying your meal. According to a study, a nice-looking picture beside the food increases the sales to 30%. So, take a pleasing photograph of the foods that you offer in a charming background.

5. Start an Apt Design

To start designing, open a blank file in your MS Publisher, and resize it to appropriate menu size, which is 8.5 x 11 inches. Then, start with the relevant designs. Make sure that everything is suitable for the restaurant concept that you chose. You can also make menus for specific events, such as a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, baptism, and many more; so, make the designs apt to the events also. Afterward, insert the menu itself. Insert the food list along with its prices and take note of the words that need more emphasis. Lastly, add the company branding?— the company logo, and name. Finalize everything, and save. Print the food menu and utilize it in your new food business!