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How to Create a Wedding Menu in Pages

There is an average of 2.4 million weddings performed every year in the U.S. alone. We already know how special and sacred weddings are, especially for the couple, that they tend to overspend to get the dream wedding they want. To achieve the dream wedding means amazing catering and scrumptious food. Weddings typically hold a reception afterward, they usually hold it at a hotel, restaurant, or by the sea. Thus, you, as a catering service, should offer a wedding menu that will surely fit the bride and groom's wedding theme. We have listed here for you a couple of guidelines and tips for making a ridiculously delicious wedding menu for your clients.

1. Open Apple Pages

If you are a Mac user, then you can use Apple Pages when making the wedding menu. If you are having a hard time controlling the more complex design software then it is highly recommended to use this software. Apple Pages is a great design tool not only for making documents but also in making menus. You can easily choose fonts, colors, and shapes with this software.

2. Determine the Wedding Theme

When making the wedding menu, consider the theme and mood of the wedding. Are they planning a Mexican wedding? or an Indian wedding? or a winter-themed wedding? Think carefully so that you'll avoid providing a blank menu to your clients. Make your wedding menu fit the overall theme. Give them the best service your catering company shall offer.

3. Think of the Visuals

Do not forget about the visuals of the wedding menu. Most menus always make use of calligraphy as fonts, especially when it is for a wedding. Using gold or pastel colors will surely make your wedding menu look elegant and classy. Your menu should not only list the cuisines you offer but it should also be visually appealing.

4. List Food and Drinks Offered

This is the part where you list down all of your offers from the food, drinks, to dessert. You will still need to consider the theme of the wedding when you are listing down the foods and drinks you offer. If it is an Indian wedding, then it is best if you list Indian cuisine. Do not offer them Chinese food. If their reception is to be held at around dinner time then you can offer them a dinner menu filled with foods usually eaten during dinner time.

5. Consult the Bride and Groom

When you are done with your wedding menu, call the bride and groom and consult them. The bride and groom have the final say with your wedding menu. If they want a vegetarian-only menu then change the foods you offer with foods that do not include organic meat. Adjust your menu to how the couple wants it since the customer is always right.