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How to Create an Order in Excel

First of all, the basic definition of an order is that it’s a paper document or form that contains a list of items that a buyer wants to purchase from a seller. An advanced and much more detailed version of an order form, which is used by most businesses, contains the quantity of each item, its price, size, color, specific time and date of delivery, and other distinct attributes about it. However, the items in an order form are not just tangible products, it can also be a type of services like a massage service and a catering service.

Order forms can appear in many different ways, depending on what a business is selling. Here in PRO, we have all the downloadable order template forms that may well suit your needs as a seller. (e.g. free banquet event order template excel, sales order template, food order template for restaurants, t-shirt order template, vehicle order template)

Moving forward, here are five tips to put into account when creating order forms for your business.

1. Use MS Excel

According to, MS Excel is a valuable tool for every business thanks to its convenient and useful features. So why not use MS Excel for your order forms. It can also be useful for your other business-related paperwork such as budget planning and cost/sales/profit and loss analysis.

2. Provide Enough Space for Buyer Info

Doing so will entice a buyer to write their complete name. This is most important if you’re a real estate seller or vehicle seller. Enough space about a buyer’s background should be included in the order form, such as their home address, work address, occupation, contact numbers, email address, and other important info. For small business sellers, the following suit does you no harm, so why not try this approach.

3. Include Space for an Order Number

You’ll be dealing with multiple orders at a time, some of there are even in bulk. Because of that, you might get confused about which buyer owns a particular order. That’s why you should include a space for an order number. You can place them wherever you want, as long as it can be easily and quickly seen.

4. Make a Table for the Order List

A table is an advisable tool to use to make the order list more organized-looking. Make sure to make the cells in the table spacious enough, especially those that will contain distinct descriptions about an item, along with its quantity, prizes, and sizes.

5. Add Space for Payment Details

Below the table, you should provide a space wherein the total amount to be paid by the buyer should be written. Not just that, you should also include other payment info such as value-added tax fees, shipping fees, delivery fees, and the chosen payment method of the buyer.