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How To Create An Order Template In Google Docs?

For businesses, an order is a sheet of paper that serves as an acknowledgment of a list of products or services that a customer avails. It is used in tracking the purchase of the customers and is compiled by business owners to release a sales receipt. Usually, there are different types of orders that a business owner and a customer can issue. For business owners, they can issue work orders, office orders, service maintenance orders, cake orders, bakery orders, and more. For customers, change orders are the most used. Either way, making any order must follow protocols. Here are some of the protocols as a reminder for you to create your order.

1. Outline The Products To Include

In every order you issue, you must first outline the checklist of items that the customers order from you. As the statistics show, 7 out of 10 people says that they spend more money on products on companies that provide exceptional service. And so, you need to make sure that you will give the best service to your customers through your order form. For instance, if you are writing a purchase order, you need to include every piece of product that the customers ordered.

2. Add The Customer's Details

To properly recognize your customers, you need to add their personal and business details. Together with your order confirmation, It will let your order document to be recognizable. Give the customer's name, contact number, address, email address, and other necessary dates. Make sure that the contact details are active as you will use it in contacting them about their order.

3. Specify Each Order

If you now have the list for the product or service ordered by the customer, you need to input it in your order document. Afterward, you need to specify each order. You need to have its item description, quantity, item number, unit price, unit, and the total. To put it in another way, if you are making an insertion order for your bakery, you need to list each of the bread and pastries that you produced with its corresponding details and price.

4. Add Payment Details

You are doing business to gain personal profit. With so, your order must have the exact payment terms that you and your customer decided. Today, usually payments are made through mobile payment. But if you want to stick for the traditional way, make sure to provide the personal information of the person to be transferred the amount with.

5. Or Download Order Templates

To avoid contract change with your customers, you can download any of the order templates you need here at Our templates are well-crafted from our lines of professionals that have experience in designing and formatting standard order templates. You can download a purchase order template, order form template, work order template, insertion order template, change order template, product order form template, and more.